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  1. Name : ValcoNN Type of cheat : one hit kill / Aimbot server : Panda Proof :
  2. ''' Do you even really know what is a spam spot huh? ''' xdd I'm known I don't like insulting but I know many things about bf4 and played it more than 1000 hours already and know many things about spectator mode and I knows well 3d spot can be showed thru the walls in spectator mode only or spotted vehicles and 3d spot for inf thru the wall is impossible in player's pov https://youtu.be/InyU0jYhr4M?t=1m48s espically like this and about you've been playeing bf4 since early 2015, keep making stories xd he saw me thru the wall one time and I'm sure I wasn'
  3. I checked his rank in bf3. hes level 6 sergeant :/
  4. but he play with no skill and he can see through the walls if hes old player his aim should be good and he should use assault weapons please keep an eyes on him
  5. if Tatsumaki clean then how did he saw this guy https://youtu.be/5B8UAInBiGo?t=16she wasn't even spotted in the minimap here too https://youtu.be/5B8UAInBiGo?t=1m or here https://youtu.be/InyU0jYhr4M?t=1m24s https://youtu.be/InyU0jYhr4M?t=1m36s .... https://youtu.be/InyU0jYhr4M?t=1m49s about hanterkun https://youtu.be/UFXLGMY5Ih4?t=40s this is obviously insta aim or this https://youtu.be/UFXLGMY5Ih4?t=51s just question. what would you get for defending cheaters?
  6. first cheater. Name: Tatsumaki type of cheat : wallhack proof 1: proof 2: proof 3: second cheater: Name: hanterkun type of cheat : aimbot he killed me with pdw weapon (and as known in bf4 pdw weapons is so bad for long ranges) from long range with 2 shots then I switched to spectator mode proof 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFXLGMY5Ih4 proof 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Tyvy38INM ========================================================================================================
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    good job guys <3
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