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  1. ArchxR

    BAN SV BF4

    They are Friends and Both are INSANE
  2. ArchxR

    BAN SV BF4

    Firstly, Zin is legit af and secondly server admins need to change server settings. Just 10 votes needed to ban is a joke
  3. but you 1 shot killed too
  4. This topic is about StonedGamer2003. Which is 1shotkilling cheater. I don't know why some people going off-topic without any warning or restriction from posting
  5. Where is professor @Cehatop ? Need his opinion as well
  6. mosh-kosh aka Prison_Sex has Low pings, good internet, good aim and alot of game experience in all maps. no cheats
  7. Totally not normal. I experienced similar insta kills from him with same loadout ( didnt record though) This cant be macro. Maybe aim bot or something like that
  8. ArchxR

    Pycckuu BAN

    He is already unbanned
  9. ArchxR

    Pycckuu BAN

    @MRKONSTANTIN Check his youtube. He is really old player. And about pings you can check the delay he has :|
  10. ArchxR

    Pycckuu BAN

    went for spectator maybe You will get unban, don't worry.
  11. ArchxR

    Pycckuu BAN

    Menphis is clean player and much better than the rest of ZLO players.
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