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  1. ArchxR

    an-94_macro hack

    There is no macro. The name is chosen for troll. To prove rhe absence of macro you can check that everytime gun shoots at different RPM.
  2. ArchxR

    an-94_macro hack

    I just shoot faster
  3. ArchxR


    how can you say its AIM ? Any good player can aim like that and the slow movement towards enemy shows its hand aim and not bot.
  4. ArchxR


    (Watching in 0.25x) The enemy was there at 0:05 and stallin started aiming at him at 0:06. No cheats i guess.
  5. Try registering with new Email... You should get the confirmation email within few seconds
  6. ArchxR

    Глитч, обнулить.

    ah thanks for clearing it out.. Glitch for sure
  7. ArchxR

    Глитч, обнулить.

    idk about this map much.. but it doesn't seem like glitch
  8. ArchxR


    For Noshahar, go swimming and check if he comes straight to you or not For CQ big maps very hard. For other small maps camp in a corner to check if he finds you out.
  9. ArchxR


    This is something new. Idk if its a glitch or cheat. Maybe check later if he does this again or not?
  10. ArchxR

    [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP

    You mean tdm server tickets? Metro is fine
  11. ArchxR

    [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP

    Ziba already present in All maps CQ server. I guess not needed in TDM server ;)