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  1. Yes he has +100500 accounts and He is legit. You should just learn to play like him @H0RiZ0N
  2. Just close the topic. He is not cheating and who cares about stats
  3. There was a server in past which did that. Boosted server gave infinite points for a single kill
  4. Only the lucky ones get that “telescope” through battlepack
  5. There was only one hit because Bf3’s netcode and ping difference cause this. Thats why i said 1 proof isnt enough. If he had body shot killed you in 1 hit then maybe you were right. But he headshot killed you.
  6. He headshotted you. 2 headshots with G3 is death. Also 1 proof not enough
  7. Flinn very old player with 1200+ Ingame hours. Also he have low pings which when combined with a fast killing weapon can sometime appear as 1shot kill
  8. 1Shotkill coz macro. Your macro script recommends 4x Scope + Foregrip. Right? Thats why you and your mate use same loadout for M416
  9. Server admins can do whatever they want
  10. Shroud is getting a new game to destroy other players.
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