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  1. ArchxR

    Battlefield - Montages and sick moments.

  2. You can install the file in a seperate folder and choose what you want to use ;)
  3. Xd 5$ good .. For more price they can get Official game
  4. Unban FULL banlist ( important to get back the lost players) and then enable 30 days ban for first ban and for 2nd time ban= forever banned
  5. ArchxR

    tzake80 and vladikos_2329 hackers

    Both are cheaters. tzake80 was tempbanned too on NRNS before.
  6. ArchxR


    Need to ban every Nazi content. Just change is not enough
  7. ArchxR


    ''Stop everything here'' really? you are the one escalating everything. Just stop being a kid and handle the stuff yourself rather than crying here for help.
  8. ArchxR


    Yes this name deserves punishment
  9. ArchxR


    Looks normal to me. Bf4 shotguns are so good.
  10. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

  11. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

  12. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

    ''No proof And baned'' yes no proof because you deleted it when i showed to admins. I didnt delete any of my videos which you showed against me. And how do you know that this name applies to you ? It can be a message to all the haters
  13. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

  14. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

  15. ArchxR

    Mad girls :D

    Looks like i have a fan girls. Love you all <3 RezaFigher , freedomfighter and Cyrus please dont hate me because im better than you guys. I'm at this community long before you and people knows me, so please fan girls cry me a river.