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  1. Bad Emblems - REPORT!

    It seems alright. This game is for 18+ . Theres nothing wrong in it.
  2. Is this guy hacking?

    He is good player.
  3. Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    Tickets are too much for this server ''Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker- '' 1500 are more than enough.
  4. xentavr

    Someone sent me video against this cheater.
  5. Мемфис

    Yes Menphis is legit. I know him from BF3
  6. Why Ban Mutilacc All Player Lan Network

    @AttackerVN Time for you to buy Official ;)
  7. Action for Abusive Username

    He was banned at NRNS for the name so he changed his ingame to “ Osmund “ .
  8. -100- Cheater

    Cheater for sure.
  9. Panxo_86 Hack AIM

    I know you are good player. Fenix can check for his previous accounts and you can always record from your POV if you meet him next time ;)
  10. Panxo_86 Hack AIM

    Stats can be bugged. Need video. NRNS server stats page has such issues too.
  11. pedreirosoldado HACK

    100% cheat.
  12. Why was I killed in action please?

    Next time try to make balance yourself manually at start of round ;)
  13. Why was I killed in action please?

    You got Autobalanced i think. Also Admins should fix it, not everyone can understand Russian. English must be the language used in chatbox.
  14. CheatEngine

    PB didnt help anyways. There is a cheater(1shot kill) playing from 2 , 3 days. I met him twice in [RUS] conquest and NRNS where PB is on. His name is '' POSiTiVE_52rus ''