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  1. [BF3+BF4] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

    Solved , @Thurrax updated launcher again.
  2. [BF3+BF4] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

    @Thurrax Doesn't come to the screen , It's working on task manager but shutting down after a few seconds. There was nothing today , New update crashed the launcher
  3. Why not banned?

    You know nothing ScomComputer . He is pro tank - pro heli(pilot not gunner) and m16 user. And Colonel 100 level like me He isn't my friend. At the moment I am retired from bf3. We COLONEL 100 levels knows too much things and Wall Hack the most ridicilous ban reason in this game. My Advice : The Brain is the most powerfull weapon in this game
  4. Why not banned?

    I know this man , not a cheater. and Would you say the name of the map?
  5. battlefield 3

    Tarrius Launcher kullan + zloorigin yüklemediysen yükle.
  6. Second cheater per round

    Those cheaters makes me angry. You can not get anything without labor. I watched video I think he is cheater. Bye Bye Cheater...
  7. ZOrigin's download speed drops to 0 after a while

    It's zloorigin problem , very annoying problem but you can't do anything .
  8. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    It doesn't matter , we'll see if we encounter in bf3 or bf4
  9. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    I am player of bf4 , but these days I am entering to bf3 , we'll see ıf we encounter. I don't want play bf3 because If I adopt to bf3 , I can't play bf4 , controls are very different.
  10. [BF3+BF4] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

    @Thurrax Sometimes While zloemu is online , I am starting zclient then tarrius launcher after zclient gives to me 'disconnected' and I can't join the game.(I can't see maps too).
  11. Who is Nrns server admin ?

    Problem solved , off topic ?
  12. Who is Nrns server admin ?

    Well , I am going to look . But I am still searching their accounts in zlogames.ru.
  13. Who is Nrns server admin ?

    It's [TR]BURSALI ( Colonel 100 level in zlo bf3) Server name is : ### NRNS-GAMES.COM EU#1 VOTEKICK| 1,5 year ago , I get banned reason (below) . But It was misunderstanding. I am not admin nowhere , why I am doing this , whatever. 2-3 months ago I talked with someone(he is nrns admin too) in the someone's topic. He said to me I can't see you in the ban list. I re-install the game today. What I see my ban still stays . I re-install the game because I want talk with my old friends. Now anyone know Nrns adminS nameS(forum names in this website) ? I need unban. THANKS
  14. banned server

    First What is your rank and name ? @B7ackhawk
  15. Weird issue after entering any server.

    I think, Your pc has problem . And I wonder , the game is freezing ? I mean are u see game on your screen ? Game still continue ? Do you live the same problem in another game ? How is your system ? Do you have good gpu good ram good cpu ?What percentage of the gpu-ram-cpu is playing when playing the game? I experienced the same thing but not in the game. My pc ate the virus a year ago , first destroyed my desktop icons and speakers after cut my ethernet connection then blocked my Usb ports , keyboard and my mouse and I couldn't do anything .At the end, I reset it to the initial settings