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  1. Is BF4 a bit broken in places??

    İt's too weird

    Colonel 20 - G3A3 :/ NEED one more.
  3. Zlorigin Wrong Email or Password

    First: this site don't belong to zlo. Second: Try to crack your game [ I don't know new system ,I was have old zlo bf3(torrent) setup I installed to D:Program Files(x86):Origin games and ıt worked with zloorigin (old zlo bf3 has a crack folder=)] I think you did too much wrong things. and first you have to start zclient... after ıt will automatically log in.
  4. Amstel-LAN

    Amstel lan admin can you add metro to your bf4 ? Everything will be %100
  5. how can i solve it ???

    I think your net connection has problems and I think you're using tarrius launcher and it's giving to you this error when your ethernet connection is lost.
  6. OSMANLI1453

    İmmeditaly ban for him..
  7. Where is the proofs?

    Even İf you were right , you ate ban with these words.
  8. [BF3+BF4] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

    Solved , @Thurrax updated launcher again.
  9. [BF3+BF4] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

    @Thurrax Doesn't come to the screen , It's working on task manager but shutting down after a few seconds. There was nothing today , New update crashed the launcher
  10. Why not banned?

    You know nothing ScomComputer . He is pro tank - pro heli(pilot not gunner) and m16 user. And Colonel 100 level like me He isn't my friend. At the moment I am retired from bf3. We COLONEL 100 levels knows too much things and Wall Hack the most ridicilous ban reason in this game. My Advice : The Brain is the most powerfull weapon in this game
  11. Why not banned?

    I know this man , not a cheater. and Would you say the name of the map?
  12. battlefield 3

    Tarrius Launcher kullan + zloorigin yüklemediysen yükle.
  13. Second cheater per round

    Those cheaters makes me angry. You can not get anything without labor. I watched video I think he is cheater. Bye Bye Cheater...
  14. ZOrigin's download speed drops to 0 after a while

    It's zloorigin problem , very annoying problem but you can't do anything .
  15. Dog Fight (Jet Fight) Match

    It doesn't matter , we'll see if we encounter in bf3 or bf4