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  1. Zclient & Norton antivirus :-(

    Norton good antivirus program but deleting all pirate things you can use Kaspersky and Avast I am using both
  2. Hacker

    Weird. and sad
  3. ZClient disconnects when launcher started?

    @Thurrax Same problem but SOMETİMES not always. Bf3 - BFh no problem when ı choose bf4, zclient is giving to me disconnect ,AFTER I am looking from yandex. Servers seems to be open and players online.
  4. Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    and tickets too long I want to add . I agreed @ArchxR But I am saying for normal pyckuu ıt should be 1000-1200 for both server in bf4...
  5. Pycckuu CEPBEP -Metro & Locker-

    Bf4 pykcuu should be conguest large , map list very good but its conguest small... and I am always prefering without metro -locker rules( but ıt doesn't important too much)

    Is there a chance for rainbow six siege ? @ZLOFENIX and I want to add I think unnecessary bfh because players didn't like this game. and MOHW very old game , servers will be empty .
  7. Клан глитчеров DDoS

    If black will get ban , panda server bye bye(but ı don't want it because this is my favourite 1st server) . Dunno but It's wrong B7ackhawk . I don't like these things, ıt's broking game system. There is no excitement .
  8. Panxo_86 Hack AIM

    :/ need a video
  9. Is BF4 a bit broken in places??

    İt's too weird
  10. -ISKANDRE-

    Colonel 20 - G3A3 :/ NEED one more.
  11. Zlorigin Wrong Email or Password

    First: this site don't belong to zlo. Second: Try to crack your game [ I don't know new system ,I was have old zlo bf3(torrent) setup I installed to D:Program Files(x86):Origin games and ıt worked with zloorigin (old zlo bf3 has a crack folder=)] I think you did too much wrong things. and first you have to start zclient... after ıt will automatically log in.
  12. Amstel-LAN

    Amstel lan admin can you add metro to your bf4 ? Everything will be %100
  13. how can i solve it ???

    I think your net connection has problems and I think you're using tarrius launcher and it's giving to you this error when your ethernet connection is lost.
  14. OSMANLI1453

    İmmeditaly ban for him..
  15. Where is the proofs?

    Even İf you were right , you ate ban with these words.