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  1. FİRST: I didn't meet with his bullet(I didn't die from his hand) Map naval strike I always used attack boat but players not one not two, mostly players said he is hacker hacker in chat ,what I see he is always taking kills with sniper rifles I look scoreboard and I think its true he is hacker we tried voteban (didn't work)his team has to start voteban]. I said I will report him to there and I reported. SECOND: How he has 23 death ? Explain: Map very, big boats planes server full you can take 23 death in land no doubt. If you take 103 kill in plane or attack boat (map only has plane and attack boat) you have to have bigger score than my score bcz coming destroy vehicle assist kill streak xp etc.. But in land ıf you take 103 kill only coming Kill the enemy +100xp and you can do his score on land with hack and you can't take 103 kill without hack in PARACEL STORM on land no doubt . THİRD: Look my score and his score, I always used attack boat and plane , he always used sniper rifle on land.
  2. I don't know russian language , but this guy still breathing in pycku bf4(13:00 31/05/2018) , and why I want to report 20 level bcz players are lefting zlogames bcz of hack these days.. I tried take video today but bf4 spectator doesn't starting.
  3. One bullet kill he took all kills with sniper rifle , pycku cecpep all maps. I only have it.
  4. @Thurrax Same problem but SOMETİMES not always. Bf3 - BFh no problem when ı choose bf4, zclient is giving to me disconnect ,AFTER I am looking from yandex. Servers seems to be open and players online.
  5. If black will get ban , panda server bye bye(but ı don't want it because this is my favourite 1st server) . Dunno but It's wrong B7ackhawk . I don't like these things, ıt's broking game system. There is no excitement .
  6. Colonel 20 - G3A3 :/ NEED one more.

    Where is the proofs?

    Even İf you were right , you ate ban with these words.
  8. You know nothing ScomComputer . He is pro tank - pro heli(pilot not gunner) and m16 user. And Colonel 100 level like me He isn't my friend. At the moment I am retired from bf3. We COLONEL 100 levels knows too much things and Wall Hack the most ridicilous ban reason in this game. My Advice : The Brain is the most powerfull weapon in this game
  9. I know this man , not a cheater. and Would you say the name of the map?

    battlefield 3

    Tarrius Launcher kullan + zloorigin yüklemediysen yükle.
  11. Those cheaters makes me angry. You can not get anything without labor. I watched video I think he is cheater. Bye Bye Cheater...
  12. It's zloorigin problem , very annoying problem but you can't do anything .
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