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  1. Try using TCPView, it will show what ports the server is listening to..
  2. Like i said, don't modify the bat files
  3. Thats weird, i tested this on an old low end laptop and it works. I even tried this on windows 7 virtual machine and it works (both server and client running on virtual machine). You guys can also try using "dinput8.dll" from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy5aryB8xkc It works for me by using the dll file from that videoBut you have to edit the bat files with this if you're gonna use that dll :
  4. Yeah maybe you should try using older 749691 version rather than mixing up the files with 760867 version
  5. Here's the files that i have to run alpha client and server. https://mega.nz/file/7Rkk3awC#pdafk7p82k2f6SyF19pK3kG_q5CCGrX8SWZep8BGdV0 I included my whole Python 2.7.17 folder with all dependencies to run python blaze server in case you guys are gonna need it. Extract python "Python2717.7z" into "C:\" root directory, run "redirector.exe" and "!start.bat" inside BF3_BlazeServer. I also included "Windows 10 Patch-SSPI.zip" from Aim4kill if you haven't patched the registry yet (Not sure if it is important). Don't forget to install Sandboxie if you want to run server and client at the same time without having to install any Virtual Machine.
  6. Ok i'm going to upload the required files for you guys
  7. Server start bf3_server.exe -server -platform win32 -Server.ServerName Alpha_Server -serverInstancePath Instance -BFServer.PingSite ams -Game.DefaultLayerInclusion GameMode=RushLarge0 Client start bf3_client.exe -super layout.toc -skipFastLevelLoad 1 -VeniceOnline.EnableSnowroller 1 -loginToken bf3-alpha-client-1 -requestState State_ClaimReservation -requestStateParams "<data putinsquad=""true"" gameid=""1"" personaref=""1""></data>"
  8. Great work everyone for making this possible... I just wanted to add some notes here that you can run server and client at the same machine without using Virtual Machine. Just use sandboxie to run the client and it will run normally.
  9. I am sorry but my username is Andersson0799 and i'm not banned on that acc
  10. I'd like to join zlobf4 test And i've joined the discord server
  11. It works guys i'm in game, just do what the moderator said. And then you'll be fine ;)
  12. Premium is way better than gametime #Thuglife
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