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-Panda- server setting Tickets:275 % Server Location : France Number of slots : 64 Maximum ping : 310   1) voteban enabled - open voting to ban the player 2)

Good admins, server will be great ;) 

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Please do not turn topic to offtopic. This topic discusses server changes, admin actions, similar things  and anything connected to server. Offtopic like hard irony and attacks are considered to be OFFTOPIC.
@B7ackhawk Extremely big font is not need.


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2 hours ago, dicktastic said:

@B7ackhawk - Any plans to put it back to standard damage?

2x damage just makes choppers way OP, and tanks too weak.

As soon as you get a few good pilots on one side it just becomes a base-rape game.

If bullet damage is 2x - no impact on vehicle bullets.

If health is at 50% - EVERYTHING does 2x damage, and it shouldn't affect the balance of the game at all bar the weapons (eg scar-h 1 shot headshot). You will die quicker to vehicles, but it makes almost no difference anyway.

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It's 2x everything damage.

Splash damage from attack heli seems to kill instantly. 

Helicopters we're already OP on many maps as there aren't enough good pilots to counter them.

Blanket 2x damage does alter weapon balance, as you pointed out with SCAR H. Same is true with rockets & C4.

I think the much quicker ttk spoils the game.

Maybe its just me.. I have more or less given up now as I don't enjoy it and there are no other servers populated.

Edited by dicktastic
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6 часов назад, aldjazirolol сказал:

куда пропали карты из Last Stand? и нафига столько раша в голосовании впихнули?

вот именно . или дерьмовые карты , или сраный раш .

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