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  1. Origin overrides ZLOrigin in an update ... No more ZLOrigin, I will have to download it again.
  2. I think I understand. I must install Origin and manage the game files without logging in. (?????)
  3. forgive me, my english is horrible. I didn't understand what it is to send
  4. I already have Origin installed and I already updated the DLCs, I still have the same black screen and infinite loading problems
  5. I can't download what is available on the ZLO website, it reaches 9gb and it starts to stop downloading, it already hit up to 1 year of download on an internet of almost 1gb speed
  6. Ja conseguiu resolver o problema amigo? estou com o mesmo problema com meu BF4 ;w;
  7. I downloaded Battlefield 4 with great difficulty just to play multiplayer, the campaign mode runs perfectly, all dubbed and without errors. But when you enter a ZLOemu server it is on a black infinite loading screen ,_, could someone help me? thanks in advance! obs: I use the 34H Launcher, with the game updated by ZLOrigin. I already play the BF3 perfectly through the 34H Launcher without any error. I've tried other launchers but always have the same problem :/ Forgive me for the worst English
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