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  1. ToXicLife


    btw he didnt report it cuz he didnt like it ... he just trying so hard to try and ban/punish me as i farmed him and his team yesterday .. so he trying to comeback at me with anything just saying . any way he said that i am cheating "aimbot" or whatever ... if he got proof to this then lets see it other wise he and all other can cry all they want ..
  2. ToXicLife


    true , asked server admin he said ok.. anyway its gone ..
  3. ToXicLife


    til Wiz and his friends shows up. uninstall_exe is me ..... no emblem isnt offinsive i asked fenix on discord about it he said its ok but up to server owners server owners were ok with it if u dont like it i can change it tho .... server admin said its OK .. its michael jackson btw XD
  4. ToXicLife


    he is clean ... he is an bf4 official player ... go watch his youtube and see for ur self he record his game play ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCry-PVtT0yHH8X4jTMfhqiQ
  5. his HSKR suspicious , on snipers it avg at 80% which has has most kills with , rifles and other guns he got low kills like 20 kills on avg , but i got a take > your brightness is very high that increase the bloom on this lanceng dam map which makes targets hard to spot + ur graphics settings are probably high which add post effects and fog etc makes distance targets hard to spot, maybe his settings are all low and his brightness is way lower thus making it easier from him to spot targets ?? + u can easily spot enemy snipers as they have this light by their scope ,, ( 5.34 is suspicious tho , as he put his attention to this spot then he aims at the general direction of this player and quickly find him , without any indication + 5.50 is suspicious too > i dont see any aimbot or anything in this particular video > that pistol kill is meh , the guy who he shot at is probably low HP as there is a LAV which engaging him + missiles hitting around him so 1,2 shots are enough for a kill . > these numbers on his scope and range is probably a bug
  6. funfact : when i got the footage that i need , i started saying on chat that he is cheating and i am recording > he didnt even turn off the aimbot
  7. http://www.pandazlo.com/index.php?sid=2&pid=11346&p=player
  8. 1. TTITTITO (rank 17 - ping 50) 2. aimbot - damage hack - WH 3. panda locker and metro 4.
  9. http://www.pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=2&player=keremkut 42% hskr
  10. 1. keremkut (rank 4 - ping 50) 2. aimbot - wallhack 3. panda metro&locker 4.
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