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  1. and its not even bartis who is that video .... read what he wrote
  2. and again , WHO are u ? why u think that ur opinion is somehow valid ? like for real
  3. and who are u exactly ? where is that "recording" ? whY not post it and shows us the cheat ? another big mouthed noob , i remember the rant u made like 2 Years ago and showed videos of actual NOOBS killing you and called em hacking LOL then ur topic was locked cuz mods didnt need to hear ur autisim
  4. his afterburners are even used when he goes downwards > any jet player in the world knows that when you go downwards you never touch the after burner and let the jet momentum makes u control speed , but his Script doesnt know that
  5. + , yes speed hack > first turn he made is god like speed + afterburner spam in successive timing gave it away , plus he is blind and got not aware of anything and only do loops in same direction ( no cutting or switching or any maneuvering really at all ) but holding perfect speed and after burner spam gave it away
  6. 1. tasar ,aka SoeVoeMoloKo (ping 70 - rank 27) 2. norecoil - wallhack 3.panda 4. after he was banned on our server > he changed his name to SoeVoeMoloKo
  7. I would say it again incase you didn’t see it >> B7’s SERVER HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS !!!! :) We and lot of ppl pay real money so this server still runs for people , still idiots like you complain and cry while contributing zero , id say give us 20$ and we will unblock whatever u want xD
  8. Its the admin’s server they can do whatever they want :) , if you dont like it buy ur own vps and host ur own server ;) , + didn’t you say u gonna leave this “cheaters server” and go to a better “russian server” ? So why u care too much about panda ? + u legit crying about some noob shit like AA mines ? Lmao u play this noob 8yearold game for 2 years and got 0.54 kdr AMAZING
  9. 1. 2downwithusa-313 ( rank 26 - ping 130) 2. aimbot 3. panda 4. he using VPN 2downwithusa.mp4
  10. 1. JosephStalin ( ping 55 , rank 1 ) 2. aimbot + wallhack 3. panda 4. http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&player=JosephStalin 42% hskr JosephStalin.mp4
  11. 1. Victormazafaka ( ping 62- rank 12) 2. ESP + shitty aimbot 3. panda
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