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  1. This isnt a game breaking glitch , its not a cheat , the server this happened in is a private server with owners and admins etc. zlofenix has nothing to do with it , if u have a problem with a certain player go talk about it with the server admins in their server thread ….. but this thread here u report cheaters and people give u feed back if they agree with u or not , but personal issue with ppl using ingame glitches or not Is a matter u take with the said server admins / owners ..
  2. + You cant cheat in rostov
  3. 1: spec mode is bugged and delayed so what u see on spec isnt what the other guy is seeing thats why it looks like his bullets lagged 2: u cant spot one-shot or damage hack from spec mode as a: POCTOB_CONQUEST i believe has 170% bullet damage ( dumb admins) so two bullets or one headshot will kill someone b: for damage hack u need to record from ur ingame POV not from spec so we can see ur health bar and how much damage it received so conclusion > nothing in your videos , need actual proof
  4. u could see this video and see how a "wallhack" looks like , for example guy was shooting thru smoke at a wall because he is dumb and didnt know there is wall there but his wallhack highlighted people behind that wall etc ...
  5. from me its a - nothing is obvious + 17 mins video filled with random stuff isnt a way to report someone , i see some suspicious moments then i see other 10 normal moments after it meaning its just random moments .... i see multiple times he "supposedly aim at someone not seeing him" but then there are someone else also infront of him and he didnt see him , l !! wallhacks dont work like that u see everyone all the time ... i give u many examples " 0:35 the guy was shooting was spotted on the minimap he go for him and aim at him while there was someone else to the right side of him if he
  6. i guess he had it coming if that what he wrote on chat , BUT as you and brendo told me before " chat messages and screenshots is not proof" i remember i sent you 20 + screenshots of chat messages that were literally saying " DDos is coming now , using the botnet , lets empty it , who ddosed their server ? > i did " etc and the accused was never banned so i would say the same treatment should apply to khan-baby ...
  7. level 14 ? you do realize you can make a new account in 1 min and have level 1 ??? while you were max level before ? , rank means nothing it could just be a smurf account ...... + siege of shanghai is a heli farm map , gunner with thermal scope and decent pilot can do 200 kills all the time its not that hard .... just go search on youtube " siege heli farm" and u will find thousands of videos with 200+ kill games ..
  8. And when i say something like “ you are low skilled player you wont understand the difference between cheaters and legit players” its just a fact , 90% of people are casuals they dont play good they simply dont care to improve they are free to do so i am not complaining. But to them when they see someone who is doing slightly better than them “the self esteem “ and loser mindset kicks in and they say “ oh u killed me 5 times in a row you must be cheating !!!!” , this happens in everything not just battlefield 4 or online games its general , so when i see someone who clearly cant play the game
  9. If there was enough logical proof then i will ofcourse say “ + he is cheating “ but I simply see everything normal and also not just me but old players and members here like wiz and psimera who clearly understands this better than me , have the same opinion as me . U can also check the same (reporting cheaters) section u can find atleast 50+ cheaters was banned because I recorded them, on many servers , same goes for psimera and wiz
  10. All kills in the time stamps you mentioned are all logical, basic game sense can make u get these kills , the players are either visible thru thermals or in obvious location , or appeared 10 secs before you can memorize their last spotted location and then act upon it also (for example the buildings and the bunkers ) i’d also shoot there its a common spot for infantry to hide and we saw that in the first 3 mins of the video, not to mention the minimap and big map which 90% of players never use ..
  11. This is just false , 170% damage is applied to almost alot of things. most magazine fed weapons are affected and almost all vehicles are affected (vehicles vs infantry) go test it if u want . MAA guns kills in an instant- tank’s machine guns are affected- attack helicopter 30mm canons are effected - scout heli 25mm too is affected . Not just infantry weapons
  12. Didnt you say you gonna make your own emulator if fenix didnt ban the hackers ? why backing down now ? pussy ? big words but lacking action , everyone started to tell you show the timestamps where u think he is cheating because they found the video normal , then u couldnt prove anything so u told ur minions/zombies in ur discord to come here and say he is cheating and u give them VIP on ur server ? how low can u become ? , the time stamp u showed i sent u screenshots of the white dots on screen which are the people , even ur admin like rose_of_war said that he doesnt cheat but he is good pla
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