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  1. 1. VOLK_CHECHNI_95 rank 6 (ping 70) 2. aim cheat 3. panda 4. volk_chechni .mp4
  2. he just bought a new mouse pad thats all
  3. its exactly what concerns me , most cheat engines and menus etc got this ping spoof into them , so most brain deads just set it to on regardless not knowing what it does ,i think if u have ping spoof , u have something else aswell , cuz cheats come in a package , as dode said " if you use one cheat , its easy to use another" , cuz there is noway in hell someone in iraq to have 11 ping ,, people who live next to the server got like 9 - 12 ping , plus these guys "like mstr-lova" somedays they have 100 ping and the other day they have 9 - 11 ping , somedays they play like gods and they kn
  4. ToXicLife


    cheaters get banned on a regular basis , either by the anti cheats used by zlo or the anti cheats used by panda . or they get reported on the forum and banned by the admins . if you think someone is cheating . type "!report (player name)" and we will look into it . plus no shame in understanding that if someone keeps killing you , maybe he just better player and not cheating . plus how could u see someone using aim scripts or whatever u saying ? as i say if u suspect someone report him to admins via discord or via the !report system.
  5. ToXicLife


    whats ur ingame name ?
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