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  1. on the side note , when ur spectating someone dont talk in the chat so he dont toggle off his cheats...
  2. the prefires is SO SUS , and their positioning is not that of a good player .... i gave this a + i say they are cheating
  3. not enough of a proof ..... show more than 2 random kills ...
  4. Yes i have hostility towards every rostov subhuman admin , still that wont make me lie or say a person isnt cheating if he was cheating…… i watched the video debilavg added and watched the timestamps, nothing there all normal aim moments and normal spectator bug , i see that u agree i guess devilavg should showed u the video first and waited for ur expert opinion before making a thread , i dont even know this cr7goat guy and if he is the same guy as -Emerald- and was banned for cheating then he will probably cheat again keep and eye on him …
  5. ?? watched all the moments ?? where is the autolock , the player is literally missing 60% of his shots ??????????????? , and for the love of god can u edit the videos with only the "suspicious" moments ? tho if he is this emerald guy and he cheated once , then he will probably cheat again ....
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