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  1. + Wh 0:16 he pre aim weirdly at a specific spot. Then someone shows there - just look at 1:00 ) he tracks someone behind structures then wait for him to come out and kill em at 2:03. - at 4:23 he suddenly track someone thats behind the container then takes shots at him thru the trees.
  2. he gotta be cheating .. turning it off and on
  3. i call BS ... there is no way u can kill fast as that.. + look at the health bar .. wasn't even headshot @Brendo
  4. This player posting screenshots of him self. Which in. He is using “sound radar”. I am pretty sure that’s considered cheating , he been warned before to remove them. But he never did ? Ur thought ?
  5. ok problem is back on some server like UA 24/7 server .... maybe a new player with same issue ? or the server data was never fixed ? @ZLOFENIX
  6. ToXicLife


    no .. soliders need to have "skills" to take down a chopper down ..... it takes huge deal of skills to fly a chopper ... why should talking it out be easy ? u know thier something called Sraw ? which with one hit can do 75% to a chopper and u can guide the rocket too ... ez but it needs skills + i can take down a chopper with AA in 3 secs with 30mm canon and i never use any kind of aa missiles... i only use zunies pods ? explain ? ... + spamming the chopper with lock ons as infantry will make u get killed more cuz a good heli crew can see u and will kill u ...
  7. ты просто плохой лол, а не панда проблема XD
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