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  1. After a little research most of "SimpleBF3.dll" bans are no-spread/recoil (+injector ofc) - free hacks for cheap-trash players.
  2. MD5 Tool Violation wasn't that the blue tint remover & AHK ?
  3. Contact with server admin, this is not a reason for ZLO BAN. POCTOB admin
  4. Brendo

    Daily reminder

    Hi players. I am writing to remind you about the "FREE" ZLOFENIX GAMES. I see a lot of "unknown" people (pu**ies who don't dare to put their real nick/name), are angry with how things are going in this "FREE" project and how ZLOFENIX is dealing with hackers (in game and outside). 1 - Everything here is free, if you don't like it - buy the official games and shut the f*ck up. 2 - You don't like Fenix's attitude towards hackers (the option to give them a second chance) -> • Buy official bf3/4 and go f*ck yourself. ( bf3 price 7€, bf4 - 12€ ) - these are the prices from the biggest code
  5. Bruh. Its showtime guys. KPOB0CT0K & ToxiC are warned. 1 - INSULTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. 2 - This is topic is not the place for server wars. This is not the place to express opinion about other players (which are not reported) and servers. 3 - Do not talk about DDoS unless you have some solid proof. 4 - Server admins - if people here don't see a valid reason for the person you reported to be banned - then just ban him from your server. 5 - Fenix doesn't close his eyes, he just wants to see if you guys going to deal with this like normal people. In other words - it gives you a ch
  6. "Longer video" - 5-10min. , but I don't see the point of "YOU" recording, it's obvious that your machine is very weak, you're recording at 15-20fps, everything seems like a hack at 15-20fps. Ask server admins to monitoring the guy or ask a guy with better machine to record him. + let's not forget that there are also many anomalies in spectator mode.
  7. Please record a longer video, 1 kill is not enough!
  8. Nice video (5-10fps)...I almost threw up. As I read the player is banned by a vote, otherwise, someone with a more powerful machine should record next time. ...and for the players who massively vote for ban/kick - talk with server owners/admins. They most likely won't respond to you, but here comes the good part - you don't like voteban/kick, server admins and stuff like that - VPS+server files - voila.
  9. I'm pretty sure they still have the !report [player name] [reason] option. WaNdErEr_ROVER and other guys will check it out.
  10. Spectator bugs. Most of the time you can see that he is aiming next to him and kills him.
  11. He is shooting spotted players, what aim hack?
  12. This is the problems with soft aim - when he shoot and the target get his cover he keep shooting(walls) and that leave him uncovered, most of the time he is not even ads and hitting perfect headshots. @ ZLOFENIX
  13. Karen82 - feel free to create new topic when you have video proof and please follow the "Report example"
  14. ++ previous 2022-02-28 21:10:46 PIDORMAMKA BF4 Hack 2022-03-07 21:10:45
  15. one million warning points enough?
  16. Dear ZLO gamers! We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Let this coming year be filled with prosperity and contentment! • Уважаемые игроки ZLO! Мы искренне желаем вам счастливого Рождества и Нового года! Пусть этот наступающий год будет наполнен благополучием и удовлетворением!
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