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  1. 60 bullets in his head and he is still alive? only if 50 are around his head
  2. "Glitching" is controlled by server admins. Only in some specific situations - ZLOFENIX takes an action. Talk with server owner/admin, which is WaNdErEr_ROVER
  3. Brendo

    KHAN-BABY Appeal

    This whole situation smells like "help me guys, Fenix banned me, support me in my thread because I've said tons of sh*t and did tons of sh*t" You are lucky Fenix forgives. I don't think he deserve to be unbanned, he needs to pay for his actions but maybe in a parallel universe there is a person who will ddos khanbaby every time he try to play, might be God or someone with very-very strong bandwidth + the fact that you've sent him crasher.exe in past is not *suspicious* , "I sent you an .exe before on e-mail if you can decompile it, you may find."
  4. bipod glitch + spectator bug = ooo, he is cheating.
  5. if people start report every player that insult them or their religion, skin tone and etc. , forum will have 150 topics everyday, behave yourself.
  6. Record longer video, 1 kill is not enough (in this case is not even oneshot kill). It seems weird that it kills you behind the column (I don't know if it's a column at all) but sometimes there are glitches...
  7. Good old days in bf4 and bf1 - all selfmade emblems.
  8. Brendo


    This is not politics, its religious hatred
  9. Brendo

    Unban Request

    You have 2 options. 1 - Work 60 days and buy the official game. (in our normal world you can buy the official game with couple hours of work, but we know they will ban you too so...) 2 - Wait patiently 60 days and think about how you will never cheat again! #warned for spamming.
  10. 2min. video with m32 spam, pre-fire acw-r without kills. Isn't this another topic - he is stronger than us, he must be a hacker, let's report him and get him banned, we can't play normal because of him! When you have strong proofs of hacking - open new topic and we are going to investigate
  11. 1 - Запишите 10-минутное видео, а не 2-минутное с глюками и задержкой звука + реальные доказательства. ( 2 - Я не знаю Колинс, где его доказательства???? 3 - 15 пинг , смурф игрок троллит ботов. 4 - Я уверен, что вы не знаете разницы между 60 Гц, 144 Гц и 240 Гц. и монстр-ПК - домашний/офисный ПК. Я закрыл темы - Ваша тема, потому что нет реальных пруфов. А этот, потому что я подожду @ ZLOFENIX примет решение.
  12. Есть два типа аимбота - SOFT AIMBOT ( в этом видео, работает как PS-контроллер aim assist ) и HARD AIMBOT - где ты убиваешь людей как бог. Я знаю, что ты злишься из-за своей темы, где ты и твой друг пытаетесь забанить смурф игрока)
  13. + the fact "my friend can confirm that he is cheating " is even more pathetic
  14. 0:04 - тебе нужны очки???
  15. M32 spam shots (which in 90% is insta kill) and pre-fire without killing people + 15 ping. Probably some old "no-life stuck in bf4 bozo" trolling noobs.
  16. ZLOFENIX games, желает Вам и Вашим близким - мирный и благодатный Новый год 2023 и Счастливых Рождественских праздников! • ZLOFENIX games, wishes you and your loved ones a peaceful and prosperous New 2023 Year and Happy Christmas holidays!
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