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  1. Use a Softner VPN Client with Public Gateway and connect to any Russian Federation network and it should be good to go!
  2. If you can unban me now as a holiday present that would be amazing. I am already very thank ful for reducing it. As, I have suffered the 14 days punishment. I really want to play with my friends on holidays. Please brother
  3. I beg you till the moon and beyond brother fenix.
  4. @ ZLOFENIX As there are holidays now, is there any chance we can get unbanned and start playing again please
  6. @ ZLOFENIX My case is little different, I didn't used any sort of cheats. I understand that I did modding to Sun in BF3. If you can reduce the punishment that would be great. 365 days is long time.
  7. Спасибо от всего сердца и души.
  8. Please unban me, I don't have anything to do I promise, I will never use any injector or any mods to remove sun flare or colors. Please I beg you FENIX :((((
  9. @ ZLOFENIX I have to wait one month or one year?
  10. @ZLOFENIX I tried to create new accounts, changed my mac address, setup a VPN but none of them work. I was trying to changed my HWID's but I guess all the software's are crap and it makes no sense when you look at their code. You are a total genius and I respect you <3 But I didn't do any hacks or any kind of bullshit & if it's a multiacc ban then I am at fault because I have 3-4 ZLOemu accounts. I make them go to level 100 and sell them. I would like to beg, please unban my computer :( Much Love from Cuba <3
  11. Fenix, can you remove the Hardware Ban atleast?
  12. Awesome, so I have to wait.
  13. I went ahead and cleaned all the files for extra tweaking. If you can make this my first warning that would be awesome, so that I can play again. I think I currently have hardware ban.
  14. Is there anyway I can get unban so that I can play again. Can you confirm if it was the Nvidia Game Filter or ReShade. Because https://reshade.me adds some weird DLL files. Thanks
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