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  1. i never choose the hard option unless i have no chose i tried to fix the game by any way but it didn't work also i dont have vpn to repair my game fro zlorigin
  2. how i troll with screenshot to prove? okay lets breakdown to you ... i playing bf3 since 2015.. before zlorigin after zlo team release BF4 on zlo origin which i really appropriate their work i start to download bf4 and play it by zlo origin and zclient so i delete BF3bymistaker so i tried to download it from zlorigin but it didn't work so i played bf4 instead of bf3 but the game is damage after my studied windows did a fully update , so i delete the game to download clean from zloriginbut there what it end here with this screenshots
  3. Garry and ZLOFENIX and jopece thanks for reply after I clear the cache the zlo origin is working but my bf4 cant open it ask me to update the game but it field to update ….
  4. ZLOFENIX can you please guide me I don't know how to do
  5. after I sing in with my username and password I try to open ZLOrigin but it crush and this message pop up
  6. Garry Thanks for your reply i did all this steps i can play bf4 but i cant play bf3 i dont have the game when i try to download the game it shows this error
  7. recently i tried to download bf3 so many times but it always end with this massage i just upload a screenshot of the error massage if anyone can help me or have any advice to fix this problem i will be thankful
  8. FurFox thank you vmch u saved my live !
  9. hello i have a problem when i try to open ZLOrigin this massage shows up
  10. When the server loading after 1 minute map laodding it crush with this messge BF4 ALERT 0 14 -1 BF4 ALERT 21 0 65535
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