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  1. Good for you! But again, I doubt this has to do anything with me since I can play freely without any problems. Also I have a 5 minute video of me doing the camo. But only these 5 minutes.
  2. I can play freely without any problems and I don't have any GGC bans. So nope, but nice try Brendo to get rid of me
  3. There is no need to delete posts. But again: No need to "hunt" me. I didn't do anything to you, sweetie. But since he can talk now, I guess we will see how this turns out.
  4. How about you just unblock him so he can answer for himself? I don't want to be the middle man here ^^..
  5. Так как "THX" не может здесь писать хоть "Брендо" и сказал что разбанил, "THX" попросил меня для него ответить. Вот что он хочет сказать: Hi all Zlo community. Before my conflict with Brendo i was kicked from server by punkbuster. And i played few days from my second account in Zlo without any problems. Later after 3 days and conflict with Brendo i was kicked again by punkbuster from Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker server. i tried to connect in athor server and played in there without any problems.. i whrote to WaNdErEr_ROVER(Саня) to find out what's the problem and he sad try again from easy launcher. I did 5 times in 10 minutes interval and finally i got global ban conformation in laucher just 1 hour after i tried to connect 5 times in the row...when i remember that i asked one guy to help unlock to me dice camoflage and he did in Watergate mix server with my account login password. but he is not banned even now..that means his PC is clean so i whrote apeal to GGC-stream and got this answer from them.
  6. It seems like my "IQ" is enough to speak atleast decent english...not like..you know..someone else Please, if you don't have anything to add that could help me just leave or be quiet. Arigatou~..
  7. Again, I do not know what you mean but doesn't matter too
  8. You do know I am not from russia right? I have difficulties understanding it, so if I got something wrong I am sorry? No need to be rude about it.
  9. Sorry what? Are you blind or are you just trying to not see what others said? Whatever it is, I am sure you are confused.
  10. It just seems like he sees this as a joke. Well, I do so myself but still if people think I am cheating, I will try everything to convince otherwise. That's it.
  11. So it's trolling for you, that I try to convince my legitness huh? I see how serious you are :)..
  12. @WaNdErEr_ROVER So what did you mean by that?
  13. Are you saying that I don't have to record anything anymore and I am finally free?
  14. I don't really understand? What's going on?
  15. The problem is, that the cheating stuff about "aimbot, wallhack, damage hack" is basically resolved with the video above. @WaNdErEr_ROVER still does accuse me of macro usage ^^.. Sooo the problem is still the same.
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