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  1. Any news regarding alpha licence or beta improvements ?
  2. Unfortunately i have bad news it seems my old hdd is formatted from win vista to 7 and no licence files it seems i have only bf1 open beta licence
  3. Going home this Saturday lads, fingers crossed any update regarding beta ? Can we use alpha files to launch a server ?
  4. trying to get people in the servers, trying to play a one good match right now we got an issue that no one but server creator can join the server and i'm doing some tweaks to get some people in the servers and blaze stability
  5. anyone want to run some tests again ?
  6. Soooo me and @tomacristi tried to connect into each others beta servers. We used hamachi to get LAN connections, since the blaze server only works with LAN. We launched servers and can see connections of each others but no connection was successful. The person who created server can join the server but the person who is trying to connect to server gets connected to server but immediately gets disconnected leaving the client with only black screen. Tried fiddling with launch params for client no change. Tried to create blaze on one person server in other person, still no change. What i suspect is, blaze server is not fully compatible for connections for the beta version of BF3. I have no other blaze servers to test so i have to use what i have in hand, if you have any other blaze servers please feel free to share so we can try other ways of it. I will try to find a way to join someone elses server while on beta and see what i can find. Again, thank you for your help tomacristi
  7. Ah i forgot to put that in readme, if you are running on windows 10, the blaze emu will fail SSPI check, if you use patch.reg only and restart, it removes that problem, you can remove it with the reg keys provided as well. Try that reg patch restart and try it again. You need to use Fenix's patched server.exe with the same name, don't rename it. That happened to me because server failed SSL checks We need a redirector who can patch the addresses in the hosts file without modifying it, and a battlelog emu to keep the progress (zlo emu if it's compatible)
  8. Gather around kiddies ;) Tutorial is here Files for OB https://mega.nz/#!sht0mCCD!nbBfClEn-LuUqBLeT7OBQ_BgFesnJWTL95uYdDy2NwQ Readme file
  9. @ZLOFENIX can you please remove the SSL in open beta's retail server exe ?(there's final and retail, i need the retail one to be patched to do some test) I have a theory that might get us caspian and conquest to work Thank you again
  10. Tomorrow i will share the blaze sv i have and write down what i did to launch the game, due to my work starts early i will have to do it tomorrow but for now, we have beta now for alpha ;)
  11. Fenix needs the licence file for Alpha named 71170.dlf I used to be in alpha and played it on my old pc, will try to find if i still have the licence file
  12. it's somewhat compatible game runs smoothly i've missed this
  13. beta client does have the map but not the server, blaze is now more stable when i modified servers Win32Game.cfg all it needs to emulate names ranks and everything tried copying over MP_007 but it didn't work but server and progression works i can't believe i did it Fenix you are a genius !
  14. i didn't expect it to work but it did Sorry Garry, over excitement
  15. OMG FENIX !! IT DID WORK ! but blaze server is unstable with the server, it keeps disconnecting because of TDF ? BUT CLIENT WORKS CONNECTING WORKS !
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