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  1. That's right, server runs but won't create a game for reason.. Connections with blaze and redirections work but for some reason game doesn't create a game for clients can join in. That's why we are not getting GameID's because server won't create a game after all, it just loads the files. Client side however, when you try to join the server, blaze recognize client.exe as server instead of frostbite client that's why it stays blank and doesn't crash like beta once it can't find the game.
  2. @ZLOFENIX can i ask a favor if you have time please ? I think i have found the problem. I want to test 1 thing. Can we modify 749691's exe to create 2 different settings with the exe ? One of them for the server and one of them for client to join the server ? I don't know exactly what you do but i need one exe configured as server for alpha exe and one configured as client exe. Is it possible ? Thank you
  3. Look at the differences with alpha server and beta server.. It seems that alpha lacks commands/scripts to set up a game.. any ideas ?
  4. @ZLOFENIX make a .bat file and put this code in to launch server; this only works with version 749691 set INSTANCEDIRECTORY=%~dp0Instance set SERVERNAME=DICE-Test-Server-One set GAMEPORT=25100 set REMOTEADMINPORT= set ADMINPASSWORD=password set PINGSITE=ams set REGION=EU set BLAZEIP= start bf3.exe -server -platform win32 -serverInstancePath "%INSTANCEDIRECTORY%" -blazeip"%BLAZEIP%" -patchSSL -Server.ServerName "%SERVERNAME%" -GamePort %GAMEPORT% -RemoteAdminPort %REMOTEADMINPORT% +admin.password "%ADMINPASSWORD%" -PingSite %PINGSITE% -Region %REGION% exit
  5. It's only convar for bf3 shortcut " bf3.exe -server -platform win32 " this creates a server out of the .exe (you can only create server with release version of alpha, they have patched this on the update but still can use v1 exe to launch a server with updated files) I couldn't find original server files for alpha unfortunately, this is the only way to create a server it seems
  6. Alpha servers, alpha fails to get game ID for some reason even when SSL check is disabled, don't know what are we doing wrong.. We can't see the errors in the server screen so it's hard for me to find out what we are missing and makes it more difficult.. I have ran out of ideas how to make the alpha work
  7. The one that shows more detail, i have no more ideas left on how to proceed with this
  8. these were the blazes that i tried, one of them was a Python blaze and 1 experimental blaze, these are the resutls
  9. Well it does the checks from the blaze server but it does not take game ID. Checks pass on blaze server but for some reason it does not want to get that game id. You mean that creating a new user in the same pc does work ? That's interesting.. I'll try this when we are able to connect the server. Thanks
  10. It didn't work with those as well.. My last guess is initfs_Win32 needs to be modified to run the game as server. The main problem i have with that is as soon as i modify the file, it gets corrupted. Any idea how to modify that file ?
  11. I have an experimental blaze server that might work with alpha, i will check that tonight after work, thank you Aim4Kill
  12. Here we go Battlefield 3 Open Beta Server 868283, no pdb's or caspian border, needs SSL patch https://mega.nz/#!tw1R2ZrR!Rh8TLNFoy2Se6NutXYLHVoxR8bvniPtxCMsCPCkgYDk
  13. In my search of alpha server, i have found another beta server build id: 868283, no caspian in this one as well.. SSL needs to be patched, anyone interested ?
  14. Then we have to work what we have i'll keep on looking for them and try to make it work somehow
  15. I am on the hunt for alpha servers atm.. If someone can get in touch with the guy who leaked them first we might have a chance, his name was the1domo or something like that
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