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  1. I opened Lennie thread regarding the server hosting I wanted to download the server files but it shows 404 error
  2. I want to switch from bf3 zlo to origin how do I do that ?
  3. It turns out that the problem from my isp now it connects without vpn please close the topic .. :]
  4. I'm not banned -_____- and not fooling around if i was banned I coudn't login with vpn and play also and I can enter zlo site without vpn and I don't cheat or hack so if u have a solution give it to me
  5. as the title says ..... any suggestions .. solutions BTW..I tried resetting my router ...disabled firewall on pc and router and nothing is changed even I installed windows 7 on my pc lol I was on WIN 10 pro so I need master server IP and its port so I can do tests if they are blocked or something and I will give them to my ISP to do the same thing (IP tests etc....)
  6. I figured it out by using free vpn server I'm now full of happiness lol it turns out it blocked somehow in my country Moderators please close the topic
  7. I need a way to know is zclient blocked or not although I disabled firewall and anti virus for a while ago
  8. IKR.. because I have 2 PCs the first one has windows 7 on it and the other has windows 10 on it the zlient behave the same on both PCs it's like blocked by mysterious thing in the network or something I tried attach pc straight to Ethernet cable without using router and nothing is changed
  9. Well... problem isn't solved yet ... I think ZClint has a bug ... who has a ZClient working plz share it so I will know the problem from me or the client
  10. I don't know if update came or not cause it's updating silently Yeah thanx I'll give it a shot
  11. Already did that ..same result
  12. Thank you I have another pc it does the same thing I think it needs VPN I'll try that Nope ..sadly vpn didn't solve the issue
  13. After opening "ZClient" it stuck on connected after a while it disconnects by time out... I tried deleting settings and retyping email and password it didn't work
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