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  1. Husseingamer


    This post for Panda server support only, not for posting skills. Post here :
  2. Where did you download it from? What is the source? Zlo Edition only works using its own servers. You should have Zlorigin : Click to download Read FAQ for more informations : Click to read (very important)
  3. ZLOFENIX Can you detect running programs on his device in the last 24 hours? just to make sure? He may use some cheating, but it is only necessary to confirm before giving him any punishment.
  4. From where you have got this error message?
  5. I dont't think this problem coming from our launchers, Game data is corrupted = Something does not work in the game files, or maybe there is an old version file inside your game folder, Is this happend only in Multiplayer or in single also?
  6. Make sure you have the last Server Files version, Download Make sure from LauncherServer is connected, Check your login data, (ZLOGIN, ZPASS) (important) There is some of instructions here, Check it Check
  7. What did I miss after all this time
    ? xD
  8. Name : FalconSniper-999 Game : BF3 Server : Nuclear WARS MIX Type : 1 Shot Kill RECORDED BY HarithMAX VIDEO : @ZLOFENIX Please can you check on his account?
  9. Just update Zlo.dll and make sure all files in my launcher folder in the same place with my launcher, Here is a link for zlo,dll : Download #ALL FILES SHOULD WITH LAUNCHER FOLDER
  10. Ok , I didn't see him , my friend seen him and he took the pictures and he sent to me to report. i thought this enough proofs. You can close this topic.
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