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  1. banned server

    You are banned by vote from the players , because you ignore game rules.
  2. hacker (jet_aimbot

    English language only ! And no unban ! , because we all here know if some one use hack tools what will happen to him? Yes the answer is BANNED FOR EVER SO PLEASE DON'T TRY NO ONE WILL HELP YOU.
  3. Why am i banned on some servers

    What is the server name ?
  4. Battlefield 3 is not working

    Use launchers to play singleplayer and multiplayer mods
  5. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    No 1-Open ZClient [it's should Connected and Auth success as....] 2-Open zlOrigin 3-Open ZloGamesLauncherV2.exe
  6. Panda server is full of cheaters

    12/1 = Cheater ? WTH ? No cheaters i'm all the time in panda and i didn't see any cheater/hacker.
  7. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    I think when you open any launcher the ZClient disconnected , so if this reason try to join from Edge or Yandix browsers.
  8. 'Autoupdate error Zx32.dll' when trying to connect Zclient

    Close the launcher and zclient and then go to zclient folder and delete Zx32.dll , then open ZC and login.
  9. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    Re paste BF3 in game folder.
  10. QUS4I taking A flag with RSeekrrrr

    Good game.
  11. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    Don't use same acc in , use same acc in
  12. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    This problem on all launchers?
  13. battlefield 4

    If ZloBF4 , no, you must open ZClient and ZlOrigin and then join the game from launchers or browsers. But the qustion is why you want to run bf4 without zlorigin?
  14. ZloGamesLauncher [BF3-BF4]

    Wait for new version , i am fixed some things.