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  1. Name : FalconSniper-999 Game : BF3 Server : Nuclear WARS MIX Type : 1 Shot Kill RECORDED BY HarithMAX VIDEO : @ZLOFENIX Please can you check on his account?
  2. Just update Zlo.dll and make sure all files in my launcher folder in the same place with my launcher, Here is a link for zlo,dll : Download #ALL FILES SHOULD WITH LAUNCHER FOLDER
  3. Ok , I didn't see him , my friend seen him and he took the pictures and he sent to me to report. i thought this enough proofs. You can close this topic.
  4. He is in the wall you can see the recon icon above,,, i don't want and i can't enter the wall to take pic , but i think this photos enough to be a proof!
  5. Hi @ZLOFENIX My friend took some pictures for this player when he trying to do some glitches in metro Servername : [2xp] Pycckuu CEPBEP>>MOD-v3.1<< Map : Metro PlayerName : valera_kot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. You have been banned in Panda by pb? or in another server?
  7. Create acc in zloemu.tk if you have acc , make sure from ur mail if correct.
  8. Add me in Discord to can i help you Husseingamer#9834
  9. I didn't understand this language , but i think you should have the origin.
  10. This is not last version from ZloGamesLauncher , i upload the last version here , before starting the launcher check from ZClient is connected and auth success and then open the launcher.
  11. BANNED REASON : AIMBOT Bye Bye 26-09-2017 18:34:02 VictorNicol Forum Oh wait , Don't try to do any another account also will be banned.
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