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    Some of my previous lives included :
    INX-Admin Gavin (At a long lost game server host)
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  1. msvcr120.dll is a Visual C file, the clue is in its name, MicroSoft Visual C Redistributable
  2. Zooke

    Kicked by Punkbuster

    That's a clear game hack violation, it didn't just magically appear on your pc. You got caught by PB, theres nothing we can do about it here. Just to clear things up, the date of the ban is the 1st of October, not the 10th of January, hence why he has appeared here on the forums 2 days later.
  3. Very true, honest players hate cheaters being on a server. I don't like the idea of unbanning players who just want to cheat, but players banned in single player should be unbanned I think.
  4. Trainers in single player only is completely acceptable to me if Fenix can make it work. Wiping the ban list is something we have debated in past years, Fenix may wish to keep some bans against people who have repeatedly cheated in the past but players with a single ban I would agree for them to be pardoned. A donation to be removed from the ban list in future could work, but only one time per player. We cannot have a 'pay to cheat' system. I do not really like the idea of removing bans but I do accept that we could give some players a second chance.
  5. You gotta be trolling us right ? The ban list says the reason is an 'external hack', which I am assuming to mean that a banned program was running alongside BF3. False positives are always a possibility, so what did you have running ? Also, post in either of those size fonts again and you will be warned.
  6. Domain has changed to zloemu.tk temporarily. I don't think any BFBC2 files have been updated to accommodate this, you may want to try using zlorigin to access BFBC2. I believe this domain change is temporary so when it returns to zloemu.org, everything will be as it was.
  7. Red for staff only.

  8. Zooke


    All members behave respectfully please.
  9. Ban is not necessarily permanent, depends on the server admin setup. Next server you choose to play on, be more careful.
  10. None of that on the version I run, that's what is so good about it.
  11. Win 10 Enterprise LTSB is my OS of choice right now.
  12. Zooke

    Ea activation

    It's hard to believe you posted this when above are replies from staff. Read Install guide and FAQ.
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