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  1. Good job mates, I can't believe my eyes. Battlefield 3 Alpha-Trial in 2020 is a reality. This is just the beginning of the journey.
  2. Great to hear news about progress related to Alpha. I've been messing around with Beta files, and even tried to make them mod compatible. To no avail sadly. Maybe the Alpha version will be easier to edit, since it mostly resembles Bad Company 2's Frostbite configs.
  3. Hello everyone that played on Assignment Unlock servers. If you see this message, that means the ZloEmu servers have closed forever. I'm thankful to everyone who joined the ride to unlock weapons, and even managed to reach exclusive ranks among the Discord members. It's been a long journey for over 3 months now, and our first ever hosted server was really popular thanks to you, the players! We expanded the coverage, added more supported games, and even made special restricted games for the more dedicated too, that's cool. Sadly, our staff and live got busier and busier, along with the server a
  4. Any updates related to Alpha Trial license? I've been messing around with Beta, but I still have no clue how to disable the VOIP problem :\
  5. Hello everyone! Today I would like to announce the Final-Day Party for Assignment Unlock community, as the servers are closing on 31st August. All the servers will run at an instant, starting from Battlefield 3 and ending with Battlefield Hardline, all day until 1st September 0:00 EEST. Hope you will join the final ride as well, the administration wants to finish the road with a bang! See you at the event!
  6. While I can agree that Retail maps won't work for Beta, I think Caspian may work with Alpha Trial version. I'll try working around the Caspian later on. Differences between Metro Beta & Retail are really big, didn't expect just a downgrade in scale.
  7. Good job, but I expected this kind of problem with Caspian. Because this is the first Beta, Caspian was only featured in the client. Server side has it's own chunks from what I remember. I did an experiment with BF4, changed a map's DLC from Second Assault to Legacy Operations, ended up with similar results (laggy, falling through textures, etc.). Took the liberty to mess around with unlocks of the server, and sadly only some weapons or gadgets work. Upon using something that's not working, server stalls and crashes. A Blaze restart is required for the game to go back to normal. Ah,
  8. Thanks mate, you saved me there. Although I can't use my Discord desktop app anymore xD Got some good news, server commands work properly in the console. Tried running the mod tools, it crippled the game. Sadly you can't use them on the Beta version unless Grey comes back to sort the thing out. Really disappointing to see it corrupting the files upon running.
  9. An update covering the attempt to get the Beta running. Patched the hosts file, Blaze seems to be working fine. There are some .reg files included which are not mentioned in the tutorial, what are the purpose of those? Applied all the patches on Server & Client, and changed the source-name of files. Client from bf3_lan to bf3, seems to be working after applying the Redirector. Server: from bf3_server_final to respective BF.Main_Win32_Final_server. The problem I have is with the server. Everything seems to be in order, but it constantly disconnects from Blaze, can't get IN_GAME state.
  10. Great work, I'll be trying to run the Beta. Along the line, will try GreyDynamics mod tools on the thing, maybe I'll find something interesting. For now my plans are to integrate PRoCon. Thanks a lot for the files
  11. Roger that. I'll be watching for this thread until some news about Alpha. Beta was conquered, now we need a way to run the Blaze without random disconnects, and get some people try hosting some servers. I don't expect any PRoCon support for the Beta, so everything has to be done in Win32Game.cfg file. The client also needs a custom .bat file for launch too. To populate it will be quite problematic to say softly. I'll try on my side some experiments with rcon tools.
  12. My message for some reason was removed. Beta Winning theme, that is pure nostalgia. Hope we get the Alpha Build cracked, since that one is way better than this one. Maybe we can find a way to load Client-side maps into Server with a bit of magic.
  13. Client files are not compatible with server ones, I personally tried that during my modding sessions. Those have different settings and layouts. If we want to have Caspian, we need the Beta 2 files containing it. Over all, I can't believe the Open Beta is back. Awesome work.
  14. Astounding work! From what I understand, this Beta build doesn't have Caspian Border, as the server seg-faults upon trying to load MP_007 map. If we manage to edit the Blaze enough for stability, it might be compatible with Alpha Trial. Interesting enough, the server commands also work upon typing, allowing me to change the name. Hope to see the legendary worm glitch again.
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