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  1. Before reporting,please at least record the gameplay with some record tools Later say that you were banned "not by rules" Screenshots are not proof.Only people and recording of the last game
  2. Name: Chris IGN: ZloHunter / tomacristi Age: 17 BF3 K/D: 1.41 BF4 K/D: 2.30
  3. Name: GGTrooper Type of Hack: Wallhack,Aimbot and Target Server: Hellas | FpsZ Proof:
  4. tomacristi

    Its time

    Thats true though Maybe a game in Metro?
  5. tomacristi

    Its time

    Danke Mate Wish you luck with Closed Beta testing
  6. tomacristi

    Its time

    Its happening Anyways,can i install files from BF4 ZloEmu in my origin ones and wait for Zlorigin? If i could get access to Open Beta,that would be good Also heard from thetruestarr1337 that Closed Beta will use Beta files :O Or is it fake?
  7. Cheater Name: Resona Type of Hack: Wallhack,Aimbot and One hit kill Server: ***Infinite Ammo*** Screenshot: After joining this server i started to notice a strange player that gets many kills with pistol and LMG. Playing a while i saw that he was seeing behind the walls and kills instantly with headshot
  8. Battlefield 4 is better now

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