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  1. Today I reopened the ZClient and it came out that it was updating at the same time that it asked for permission to use the internet or something similar, the kind of permission that throws away any program or game that uses the internet. I don't remember that after reinstalling it (the first time after uninstalling it several months ago) that permission came out so it gave me hope that it had been fixed. I opened ZlOrigin and after verifying the only Origin game installed, Plants vs Zombies, I put to download The Sims 4 since it did not cause any problem with the verification of the game menti
  2. I can't understand what you mean, maybe because English is not my language but even with two translators I can't make sense of it. Could you explain yourself better about the problem?
  3. The problem of not seeing some texts or name has happened to me before and in my case it was because of a mod that was ruined after an update of The Sims 4 or because the version of the mod was not compatible, it is fixed by hitting the mod in question and updating it for a new version or re-downloading it. If you have mods I recommend you to move them to another folder before updating the game, besides reviewing mods that affect several things of the game in case new versions came out. Yes, I did it several times as soon as I saw that it started to go down, I paused it before r
  4. Hi, first of all the problem I have not only affects the ZlOrigin but also the ZClient. Yesterday I reinstalled both programs since I finally have the other hard disk for more space for the games. I installed them without any problem until I tried to download The Sims 3, I fixed the problem by closing everything and reinstalling the ZlOrigin as recommended in the FAQ since it is a common error and I usually get it when I spend a lot of time without touching the application. After that I started having trouble downloading because it said that there was a problem with the internet, I closed the
  5. Buenas, técnicamente este ya no es un problema porque logre solucionarlo pero como he visto que no ha una solución por lo menos en español y es difícil dar con una solución en ingles paso a dejar el problema que tenia y como lo solucione. Mi problema comenzó ayer cuando entre a ZLOrigin para descargar el nuevo DLC de Los Sims 4 y al abrir la aplicación no me salio que estaba descargando algo, lo que me sorprendió ya que siempre que hay alguna nueva actualización empieza solo a descargar, entonces decidí darle a buscar actualización pero luego de darle no descargaba nada. No era la primera
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