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  1. How should i do that? nothing opens at all. I tried my friend's files and it still didn't work. Can you help me out with any tutorial?
  2. I have downloaded Battlefield 4 R60 server files and edited the startserver.bat and other files but whenever i open startserver.bat, nothing happens. The console doesn't even open. How am i suppose to create my own server? At least once my server is on, i can use Procon. My Zserver was on and i created my server in Zloemu.
  3. I am so sorry but I didn't understand what you meant by adding pause to bat file and by console you meant cmd? If yes, i tried it opening bat file with cmd but still no luck. The windows just appears and nothing happens
  4. Edit: I fixed the problems but now when i run startserver.bat , cmd just shows up and nothing happens. What else am i doing wrong?
  5. I am getting this error every time when I click startserver.bat.... i edited the file like in the faq but idk what's going wrong here? i even ran zserver first and then clicked this
  6. zlofenix, I apologize and don't want to break any rules. It's just that i really want that camo badly, please give me any link i could follow for the camo in bf 4
  7. Admins, I'm unable to make the server due to some errors and plus i don't want to make my server public, just a private unranked server for the camo. In a YouTube video, i found someone commenting about a LAN server emulator by bshtornado (i dont know who he is, tried looking everywhere but couldn't find). Is it possible to make lan servers in zlo BF 4? I just want a conquest dragon valley map private server and i really don't know how i should do that. Please help me with some steps, will be really appreciated <3
  8. Hey admins, I am new to forums and been playing Battlefield 4 for quite a while now. Since this is quarantine period and I have nothing to do all day, i was planning to unlock special camo and assignments in BF 4. I really want to unlock Battlefield 4 Dice LA camo and also complete phantom assignments. My questions are: 1) How can i make my own private Dragon Valley server for the Dice LA camo? is it possible in zlo battlefield? 2) Is there a way to unlock phantom assignments? As what i have seen in videos, you need battlelog for that so if it's possible in zlo Battlefield, I would r
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