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  1. Before having my reaction the Russian voiceovers reminds me of CoD4, I may reinstall the game in Russian language, anyway As the stats and what Blackhawk said, he is 100 % hacking, All kills are ( aimbot ) and maybe (wallhack) i don’t understand this “ hacking” in easy game like battlefield.
  2. I don’t know what to say, he maybe hacking but let’s look at archxr And other high FPS players, there kills are in the same way as spoodey we need more evidence if spoodey is hacking archxr is hacking too i don’t say archxr is cheating or hacking but when it comes to what I see, I see no difference at all When I checked his status, his headshot rate is 1/3 “quick math” what do you think guys?
  3. 1 shot kill hack and shot through wall cheater ban him As I checked his Status, he has 0.47 k/d i think he was trying this hack out and banning him immediately it may kinda unfair, so my suggestion is to send him a warning, and then ban him i always believe in second chances
  4. Yes he is cheating, stats 1/3 of kills are headshots
  5. I was playing bf4 today, and someone told me that I may get banned by using the CCCP flag as an emblem that’s the flag if it’s against rules let me Know
  6. I am not supporting hacks or cheats, but wtf is “Marco” ? cheating is cheating! In my opinion send him a warning to stop this and then if he ignores your warning ban him simple isn’t it? i am not saying I am the best player there but it’s not bf1 or bfv with no hip fire speared crosshairs i have also a bf3 video of me supporting what I am saying and I am ready to post it here on your marks
  7. is that mean i have to stick with the normal long unlock method?
  8. I know that might be weird, but is there a way to unlock all the guns and attachments in bf3 multiplayer, i just don't want to spend a lot of time to unlock an attachment for a shity gun, like i spend to much time unlocking Kobra sight for F2000 and i feel bad for that wasted time, what i am looking for? instant unlock guns and attachments is that possible?
  9. My knowledge is not that big when it come to cheats, but i know whats aim-bot, I do not say he is 100% cheating but there is 40% chance of possible cheating* I think we must have other videos that can justify him BTW, last kill is just the server lagged maybe and when it comes to shooting behind the wall, you shot "dark_dude" from behind the wall ( Ur ping is too high man) And i think you must say whats your ping and his ping, because it makes a difference * why 40%, because 2 of the 5 kills it looks like rapid fire and no-recoil
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