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  1. I can't post our new-made launcher

    i think you need to post it in supports sections , they will test the launcher if its ok or has any problem , then admin movie the topic to related section .
  2. Dangdy16

  3. so no unban?

    Yes . No unban .
  4. xDezu

    yes , he left when i Joined
  5. xDezu

    Name : xDezu hack : aimbot Server Pycckuu Metro https://youtu.be/CTP0ihpW39M
  6. gfdsgdfgsdfgsdf

    His nick name say it all . cheat
  7. OneShot

    I can say its cheat , but 1 kill is not enough to ban. admins to decide .
  8. one shot kill cheat

    but he is still one shot kill hack , maybe he installed recently .
  9. Cant connect to masters

    screenshots would be better to game file and Zclient , so they can help you easily
  10. one shot kill cheat

    he was playing in Nrns TDM and banned by admin . 100% cheat .
  11. al Kaida777 Cheat

    some private cheat maybe
  12. al Kaida777 Cheat

    Name : al Kaida777 Server : NRNS TDM Hack : Aimbot - one shot hack Video https://youtu.be/OZMqFpJUVEI
  13. [BF3] i cant play even a single game

    this is auto kick for high ping , play on lower ping servers , or make better connection