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  1. its very suspiciously , for wallhack: after 5:53 Kill, he knows exactly which way he is coming from 6:26 , 6:46 , 7:10 : 7:24 and wait for him for Aim, 11 out of 13 kills are in HEADSHOT !!! the other 2 kills were in close range,
  2. ffs archer, what you did to this guy?
  3. hahahah , this is funny to get a video recorded by the guy who you want to be banned ?!
  4. if that's true, ask your friend to buy a new PC for you
  5. the internet is ok , old files of zclient deleted , but still the same erro - disconnected. could you help @ZLOFENIX
  6. its mean, I think he is a cheater, and My Vote is + 1
  7. re apply Client.zip file in game folder
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