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  1. I think the problem is not caused by your firewall blocking the connection. Have you checked your "Startup.txt" file located in "Server Folder\Instance\Admin"? Set this command line "vars.ranked false" to true. Replace the word "false" with the word "true". It should be written like this: "vars.ranked true". Exclude the quotation marks of course. You're welcome in advance!
  2. I just updated all of my redistributable packages and I installed all versions, both 32-bit and 64-bit, from 2005-2019. I also disabled both Microsoft Defender (including the "Controlled Folder Access" feature of Microsoft Defender) and my antivirus program. I placed the server files into a different directory and I launched it from there. Upon server start up, "ACCESS_VIOLATION" message still popped up, but the address the program was trying to access had changed.
  3. My antivirus program and Microsoft Defender were both disabled before I booted the server up, so I think antivirus isn't the problem here. I also tried moving the server files to a different directory and launched it from there before. That crash error message still appeared. I might as well try to update my redist packages.
  4. The reason why this command line "-Core.DisplayAsserts true" is enabled and this command line "Core.IgnoreAlways false" is disabled is because the server will automatically crash and shut down without any error messages if "Core.DisplayAsserts" is set to false and if "Core.IgnoreAlways" is set to true. These two command lines can be found in "Win32Game.cfg" file located in the "Scripts" folder. Leaving these two command lines enabled and disabled respectively and ignoring the crash error/message that pops up every time the server is launched do not lead to server crash. By clicking on that abo
  5. This is what I got. I used the unedited fresh server files. RuntimeLog_CAPT-K5SJ5HAB_server.log
  6. I downloaded the fresh server files from the link you provided before, but some of the variables were changed by me intentionally. I will experiment with fresh, unedited server files and I will post updates about it here soon.
  7. I'm sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy lately. This is the server log file by the way. Server is now online, but clicking on the abort button in the window with crash error report or message causes the server to fully close itself. RuntimeLog_CAPT-K5SJ5HAB_server.log
  8. Server is now working and showing "in-game" after the big update; however, the access_violation crash error still pops up. Clicking on the abort button will close the server. How to fix? Should I ignore that message?
  9. Additional Details for PRoCon: Hostname/IP: Remote Admin Port: 48000 Username: *You can leave this blank if you want.* Remote Admin Password (For PRoCon): testserver
  10. https://mega.nz/file/8XxHFSaS#sSnEXxg9Dy1gFKIbSri-oP4bd1qbA37akDl1EUxblwk Here is the fresh copy of my pre-configured server files. There's no need to change the server configurations. It's already pre-configured for you. Leave it as it is. The only thing you have to do is register the server under your account. Server Details: Gameport: 48000 Remote Admin Port: 48000 Remote Admin Password (For PRoCon): testserver ZLogin and ZPassword are left blank. Please edit them in the "_StartServer.bat" file. Then, launch ZServer.exe and click on ""_StartServer.bat". If the server st
  11. I will change these ports. I will update you guys if this will solve the problem. In the YouTube video, the YouTuber said that game port and remote admin port can be similar, so I simply followed what he said. The server worked before even if game port and remote admin port were the same. PRoCon was able to connect succesfully without any errors.
  12. Those were the server files that I downloaded that I was talking about previously before all of these errors appeared. I simply followed all of the instructions in this video and got the server files from the links provided in this video: (23) ➤Battlefield 3 ZloGames Server Hosting 2019 Update - YouTube The server worked perfectly after following exactly all of the YouTuber's instructions. The reason why I downloaded a new server file is to update the server. The server version in the video was R38, so I downloaded the latest server files from the link you provided. I have no idea whether
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