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  1. oh,and i just realized this dude has a freaking aimbot and wallhack
  2. Aimbot 100%.surely its ironic when he votebans a good player.
  3. stop defending yourself punk if you already banned means zlofenix has been already discovered hack in your computer
  4. that first vid showing that he was using aek with foregrip and flash supp.(which means decreasing the recoil) and that second vid,he only can kill his opponents when he was standing still,or in close range.and also note this dude using recoil decreaser loadout too and third one,why the hell you dont show us m27?something's wrong?
  5. well,hes actually a ex cheater in fact.
  6. eh,aek 1 shot.pretty much obvious that was a cheat
  7. clear aimbot,1 shot head to kill lmao...same good ol' rtards that makes aimbot really obvious in front of players
  8. finally an idiot hacker that made him obvious that he was an hacker....LOL
  9. hahah,edgy kid spotted there,can you gtfo pls?
  10. afterwards,just install,the problem should be done.
  11. download official origin.
  12. Aimbot And 1 Hit.scrubs will never learn.
  13. 100%legit,no hack.see his clantag already,n**b.
  14. iriaf:spamming kid asking for ban
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