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  1. I found a bug. One of the "accuracy medals(between nemesis and mvp medal)" should be named as "supression medal". I got supression medal and that accuracy medal was enabled instead. You may have missed that. :)
  2. By the way,I want to make one of my suggestions clear. I meant locked medals while suggesting making medals more pale. Sometimes,it can be a little bit hard to see whether the medal is locked or unlocked. Making locked medals a little more pale can solve this problem. That's all :)
  3. I see. The bug I meant is that while launching singlegleplayer(also after launched),your launcher does not shut down,minimize or go in-game mode.
  4. Cool work. Even auto launcher.dll update is working. All I can suggest you is making ribbons and medals a little more pale, solving singleplayer launch bug and making launcher design more like original BF3 PS3.(Despite the fact that you two proved that you have cool design skills, there may be people who want original style launcher :) ) +rep to both of you :)
  5. Indeed,I meant the Launcher update. I thought that it was a third party production.
  6. Then,I have to ask what makes the release delay. Why was it delayed? Stability issues?
  7. I am really very happy to see that the new update bug was solved. :) Now,you are waiting for assignments to be finished,right?
  8. 1- The current api is broken? :O Sad news... How long will it take to fix?
  9. Dear sir,what is the progress at the moment? How long did the new launcher API delay(or the new ZloEmu update,I mean) the release? And lastly what about the medals and ribbons? Could you implement all of the medals and ribbons to the launcher?
  10. Just do alt+tab, you will see that the game was loaded.
  11. I have just got this problem,I downloaded the new "launcher.dll" and it is solved. It is just an update issue,just try it.
  12. Download the new " launcher.dll "(5.0.2) from here http://zlofenix.org/bf3/Launcher.dll
  13. I saw an easter egg on it. :D "BF4 Coming soon!" lol. I liked it. :)
  14. Germany... Fuck Yeah!

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