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  2. Last time when I saw him in game 05.08.2020 and he played like a bot because I watched him. And he hasn't played since that day.
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  4. В информации об игре Spore статус набора "Жуткие и милые" - установлено, но в игре нет фрагментов из него.
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  7. Stats: http://pandazlo.com/index.php?p=player&sid=2&player=Macbeth69101
  8. 1. Macbeth69101 (rank 04, ping 180) 2. Aimbot 3. Panda Metro & Locker 4. Topic is on behalf of other player (Tryton)
  9. https://zloemu.net/feedback
  10. Agree with PSIMera, the fact that his gameplay worsens is not inconclusive, but also not hard evidence. That's why server bans are a thing =)
  11. No i disagree for me is a strong evidence that he cheats. I play as i play no matter if you spectate me or not. Its the way i play.
  12. DaBaby


    I deleted his and your post. I gave you a chance and didn't warn you, but you're obviously brainless.
  13. aldjazirolol


    strange! i see notification about admins reply but i dont see any reply)
  14. need evidence that the player is using cheats, not evidence that he is clean. Otherwise, we can ban half of the players who play above average. And after that, questions will arise about the remaining weak players, because among them there will be those who play better))) the fact that he starts to play worse when he is spectate is only indirect evidence
  15. The2XPlayer has no real evidence that he is a clean player. He posted 2 videos - camping with sniper 5 min and driving tank 3 min. I didn't see a video like 10-15-20 minutes of his gameplay. He will probably say that his computer is weak, his internet is weak and stuff like this. But isn't that super convenient? # When people spectate him he is playing like bot, but when no one is watching he is bf4 god
  16. Hi) First, show the game log (pipe) and what the ZClient tells you after closing the game.
  17. Не могу ЛС Вам отправить
  18. Well the whole ban system is a little weird. You can only see noob cheaters who are obviously cheating. But an expirienced player will need only a little cheating help to become god player and it is not visible from specatore mode because it has to many bugs, and when you ask for a video from their point of view playing like gods they are just deaf. Very suspicious. Regarding unban. I belive that admins should ask for a video before unban. There are some cases where skilled players were banned by noobs. but skilled players most of the times record their action for youtube or for evidence in case of being accused. The conclusion is: If you are cheating its like you dont respect you self and then the other players.
  19. + The time when The2XPlayer got banned in "Pyckuu Сервер" were very tense, THIX7 banned many people for no reason and therefore Wanderer removed bans without deepening. As you can see in his message to Wanderer - he is just crying that people vote banned him and boom Wanderer unbanned him. But people votebanned him for reason not for troll. And the existence of such nits in the game for so long is a disgrace.
  20. Some time ago there was a Mexican player, very old player. Always high ping + inhuman reactions + high k/d + report many times and nothing. The server admins always said - he's a noob, just lucky guy and etc. The same player was banned last December for BF4 hack
  21. After this report he will not play like "PRO" I watched him yesterday and he played super badly, there was no sign of a good skills.
  22. Именно поэтому тема открыта. После доклада он начал играть очень плохо. Я слежу за ним в игре, но он не играет так, как играл несколько дней назад)
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