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  1. May I know When will BATTLEFIELD 1 REVOLUTION be available. Is it going to be available any time soon. Are the server files out.
  2. Very sorry. I was not aware of it.Wont repeat it again.
  3. ZLOFENIX a humble request. "kindly please upload installation video of battlefield hardline just like how the installation video of bf4 and bf3 are uploaded in youtube in your official youtube account so that we would get a clear idea of how to install bfh". thanks in advance It is forbidden to write a whole message in CAPITAL letters, bold, underlined, strikeout or italic. ©Lennie
  4. When I open PLAY OPTION In BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE in zlorigin it takes me to following site below. http://zloemu.org/status Can anyone tell me how to fix this.
  5. Sir, This is to just enquire you about the details of BATTLEFIELD 1. Please kindly reply when will BATTLEFIELD 1 REVOLUTION be available to download in zlorigin. Will it be uploaded any time soon or will it take time to get uploaded. Another question is that BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE IN AVAILABLE TO PLAY I HOPE SO. BUT WHY DOES BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE IN ZLORIGIN APPEAR DARK. Please reply if we need to download separately and only need to download dlc from zlorigin with BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE with crack installed. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  6. Sir, May I know when will battlefield hardline be playable with zloemu. Is it cracked . Is the beta over or still progressing. Please kindly let me know. Thank You.
  7. may i know when will battlefield hardline be coming. is it coming in the near future within 2 to 3 months. kindly please mail and comment because i am waiting for it for a long time. Also another question is that when is battlefield 1 coming.please upload it too.i am eagerly waiting for it. thanks in advance.
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