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When did you start online gaming? and what was your first online game?

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well topic explains the question, 
i ask again 
when did you start gaming?
when did you start online gaming?
what game you played online for very first time?

I started back in 2003 (just gaming, single player)
I set my way into online gaming community in 2005.
game which introduced me to online gaming was Battlefield 1942.

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Shaiya was my First MMORPG i had contact with it. For me it was the best Game in that Genre. Most likely for Free to play games it got destroyed by their money a$$ publishers :(

ahhh this hurts when something you love get destroyed by their developers, creators,, 
like they did to xfire ,, best in game chat client and best server finder + many other features ... :'( 

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Well my first game was CS:CZ back in 2003.It was a the best game ever especially CS:Deleted Scenes.2009,i play my first online game that is call L4D2 XD!! it was hilarious when playing with my friends LOL!!...  BC2 was the first BF franchised that i play MP and then BF3...

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started gaming in about 2002-2003  with Midtown Madness and NFS as a child
started online gaming in 2012 .. not sure if Battlefield play4free or CoD4  ..CoD4 was awesome but messy while bfp4f was as shitty as it could be because of pay2win dudes all over the game and me not spending a penny  

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