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Cheater spotted

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Name: GGTrooper
Type of Hack: Wallhack,Aimbot and Target
Server: Hellas | FpsZ

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    • By PISTON69
      2. Pycckuu CEPBEP 24/7 TDM Canal
      3. Oneshot
      0:04 - 89HP to 0HP
      02:15 - 100 HP to 0HP
      Потом прийшла ШАУРАМА_НА_УГЛЯХ и забанила его на 3 дня.
    • By PISTON69
      1. [1488]udieeeeed
      2. TDM русский на каналах
      3. аим как минимум
      Я думаю здесь всё ясно, даже без видео...

    • By AssIsBack
      Имя: FlinnRaider
      Название чита: One Hit Kill
      Сервер: [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP-24/7 NOSHAHAR CANALS-
      Доказательство: Максимальный допустимый урон G3A3 = 34 hp (в голову 68 hp).
    • By zubu
      Hello! I wanted to ask for help to undo my Battlefield 4 account because my PC was turned on and my little brother   got to play with hacks, so bad is that he needs it.
      Please, I humbly ask, I am a clean player who likes to show his true abilities and to get out of my way I will be much more careful So that it does not happen again, Thanks!
    • By LosSantos
      Pycckuu CEPBEP Metro&Locker
    • By HyperMario
      Nickname: cerny
      Server: [CLANRUS]Server; map: Operation metro
      cheats: aim one shot;
    • By HyperMario
      Nickname: AKASH-ROCK
      Cheats: Aim/hack oneshot
      server: [NRNS] Only operation firestorm
    • By B7ackhawk
      1 : roma0120044 
      2 : WH
    • By B7ackhawk
      1 : fareed_yemen
      2 : WH
      3 : Aim Bot
      server : panda
    • By B7ackhawk
      A few months ago 18fuSe banned But the strange thing is that he unban and  Return with Same name !!!
      This  video proof he was record before A few month 
      NOW he back with 18fuSe
      i ban him from Panda Servers
      FENIX what is your  opinion??
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