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  1. Name: D_R_4_G_U_N_O_V Violation: Glitching Server: [RUS] CL@N [2XP>ALL UNLOCKED>AIR MAPS & METRO] Video: https://mover.uz/watch/T8PZZBAm/
  2. https://v.mover.uz/6nEqOK8m_h.mp4 or https://mover.uz/watch/6nEqOK8m/
  3. You telling me? I know this very well. But there was only one hit. I realized this in that moment. That's why I pressed "Save last 1 minute button" on my "Shadow Play" and uploaded video.
  4. So what? I can do the same. Maybe he wanted to try out cheats. Do what you want to do. I just wanted to help project and uploaded this video.
  5. You just need to reload the page. Or try with this: https://mover.uz/watch/UMOwpB8m/
  6. Имя: FlinnRaider Название чита: One Hit Kill Сервер: [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP-24/7 NOSHAHAR CANALS- Доказательство: Максимальный допустимый урон G3A3 = 34 hp (в голову 68 hp). Информация: https://battlefield.fandom.com/ru/wiki/G3 http://symthic.com/bf3-weapon-charts Видео: https://v.mover.uz/UMOwpB8m_h.mp4
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