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Help! The sims 4 recent packs don't work. :(

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Hello! Last two packs that came out Dream home decorator and Cottage village are buggy for me. For the dream home decorator one the build items are named correctly but for the cottage living everything is labeled as **debug**. But the interior designer job doesn't work. Did I do something wrong downloading or what is happening? How could this be fixed?







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      Ориджин не открывается! Всё удалила и по шагам установила снова - бесполезно! Все проблемы на скринах ((((

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      Hi everyone, 
      it's been two days since I've been trying to run zlorigin to update the sims4, the game runs without it being opened, but zlorigin just crashes constantly, even though I follow the opening steps precisely. (run zclient first, and from there click the button 'run zlorigin')
      I followed every step suggested in the FAQ already, including running the bat file to clear the cache, check the compatibility settings, I even tried to unistall and reinstall everything, but everything still won't function..
      I hope someone can help me!:)
      Thanks in advance for everyone's support, I'll attack some screenshots from my last attempt

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      (В тех.поддержку писать не даёт, так что пусть будет здесь)
      Ориджин установила(правда, он открылся, а в faq написано не делать этого), запускаю не через zclient, но всё ещё выходит эта ошибка. Что делать?

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