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Работает ли battlefield 3 и 4 в Китае без ВПН и есть ли китайские сервера?

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А хз, не отслеживаю такое, игроки же сервера запускают. Так что все зависит от тех, кто серв запустил. А у самого эмуля ограничений нет.

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    • By Paranoight
      Спустя недолгое время за игрой, 7-15 минут, меня выкидывает из сервера. В 34h launcher просто отличается от аккаунта, а ZLEFENIX ZExe пишет "отключено" Это случается в 100% случаев
    • By IDimks37
      Проблема с библиотеками при запуске Zinstaller в папке с battlefield4. При этом  удалял и заново ставил VCredist из попок с игрой, презагружал ПК, пробовал ставить сразу 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 и 2022 - не помогает

    • By exemaco
      Hola a todos, los invito a jugar en el nuevo servidor latino de BF4, son todos bienvenidos, buen ping para jugadores de Argentina, Chile, Uruguay y Brasil.
      Discord: https://tiny.one/bf4arg

    • By SharaSh
      I created Battlefield 4 server and start the server.
      i can join the server but my friends cannot join,they stuck in <joining server..> loop.
      how can i fix?
    • By Danunzio
      So i spent all night downloading Battlefield 4 (FitGirl Repack) and i just installed ZLOrigin so when i launched ZLOrigin i went to launch Battlefield 4 online but when i go in "my games" it doesn't find the game so i was wondering if there is a way to locate the game using ZLOrigin since it won't find it on it's own
    • By tanchi
      So I successfully installed BF4. Downloaded the Canek77 version as recommended. I run my game through 34H launcher and it starts al fine, but when I am in the game, it is shown that all the weapons are unlocked and yet if I try to change for example from AK-12 to M416, I spawn in the game without anything. And when I try to check my progression after the match, the game crashes. If there isn't progression system, it kills half of the fun in this game. If there is any solution I would very much appreciate it. Kind regrads!
    • By FapLxrd
      Server Settings:
      Ticket factor : 250% ;  Server Location: Algeria ; Number of slots: 64 ; Limitations in the game: maximum ping 250-350 ; Preset: Custom ;  Game Modes: TDM, Conquest, Rush, Assault   Anti-cheat: ADKats Moderation ; Admins: Fap_Lxrd, MaddGirl VIP: ARCHXR ProCon Plugins:
      AdKats: Anti-cheat monitoring, auto-nuke.
      ProconStats: For player(s) stats:
      !stats !serverstats !session !top10 !dogtags Voteban and Votekick:  Teams for players:  
      1) Voteban - open voting for a player’s ban; 2) Votekick - open voting to exclude a player from the server;  xVotemap: To select the next card at the end of the round;
      Server Rules:
      Do not use cheats; Do not baserape; Do not camp; Do not insult other players; Have fun everyone!
    • By PianitoDead
      I've been playing on the panda subway and locker server and just by putting a claymore pulls me out, it's very unfair really because the others use explosives and I've been playing on the panda subway and locker server and just by putting a claymore takes me out, it's very unfair really because the others use explosives and nothing happens. Well I'd like to go back to that server and have the admin take that restriction away from me. 
    • By MattyBoi3
      I have recently installed BF3 from ZLO and i followed the instructions to a T, installed everything required etc. and singleplayer works perfectly, but when i try launch the multiplayer, the "ZLO Launcher" window pops up, i put my ZLO account details in, and when I click "connect to master" it takes a little while then it says cant connect to master. how do i fix this ? am i doing anything wrong ?
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