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Found 31 results

  1. ZloGamesLauncher Features: BF3 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign (Soldier stats under working). BF4 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign - Commander - Spectator - Soldier stats. BOT : You can add one server to bot and when you re run launcher this but will ask you if you want to join [Your selected server] or no. BFH : LOCKED NOW. BF1 : LOCKED NOW. Background music. Background video [BF3-BF4] You can change servers list and players list background color. Auto update for servers list and players list [bf4-bf3] , iam also add button for refresh. You can refresh your stats. Showing all servers ping. Log [ZloGamesEvents] coming with launcher folder. Credits : Launcher Developers : Husseingamer - Bigworld12 Launcher Designers : Husseingamer And also thanks to : ZloJoker - Thurrax - nintend01337 And of course ZLOFENIX Download : From Mediafire NOTE : Don't ask why i can't connect to zclient , you must check if master online or offline before asking please. NOTE : Removed restart window error. Video : Thread In English Only !!! Q/Why ican't play bf3? i'm download zclient but i can't. A/You must download this file Client.zip and paste in bf3 folder, do same in this video. BF3 Small version for computers with weak specifications Download : Click Here
  2. Здарова злыдни, буквально вчера столкнулся с этой проблемой. Запускаю я zclient для игры в BF3 но при нажатии на кнопку "запуск" выдаёт вот такое сообщение. Если кто-то сталкивался с подобной проблемой, то помогите, или дайте ссылку на тред здесь, а то не стал весь форум проверять. Заранее спасибо!
  3. Hello, first of all I wanted to greet everyone and I wanted to ask if you can share this kind of content, well, first of all I wanted to tell you about a project that I have been doing for some time, about 2 years and I only published it in my YouTube tutorials, that were very successful and without problems regarding the functionality of the programs, it is the KiWy installer that is a ZLO AIO installer that has all the programs updated daily including the following: - ZLOrigin + Zclient (Both corresponding to the version of ZLOemu.net) - Launchers: 34H - Evonix - Easy Launcher - GuiLauncher (All with the latest version) - MSV 2013 x86 and x64 Bits (The x32 / x86 is installed by default) This is finally after installation, the Zclient and the ZLOrigin with the most recent launchers. Here is a tutorial on how the installation process would be: The download link for which you want to download the installer I leave below: Link Mega: https://mega.nz/#F!qZkzzahB!Lm5_nS597GphWJwB4vDpfw!KI1llDwA Well, here comes this post, first of all I wanted to thank you for reading it and I hope to bring some help to the community
  4. Right after I open ZClient it says connecting, then connected and closes. There's no antivirus or security on, I've also tried deleting and reinstalling with no luck. There's also no errors or anything, it just closes as if it was never opened in the first place. What can I do to fix this?
  5. Уже кажется все перепробовала. И антивирус выключала и брэндмауэр. ZClient у меня в исключениях антивируса Что я не так делаю?
  6. So , today I started Zcllient , logged in , then started Bf3 Launcher to play online , and when i select a server it shows me this Pls help
  7. zclient se conecta a mí, pero cuando entro en sims 4, pasa un tiempo y el juego cierra el origen y zclient se desconecta. Tengo una computadora portátil con Windows 10 de 64 bits
  8. I've downloaded and played sims with this installer for quite a bit now, but as of yesterday its started giving me the error "The program can't start because ZUpdaterx32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" I've redownloaded the entire thing, replaced the EXISTING ZUpdaterx32.dll file, redownloaded sims. nothing seems to be working! please help
  9. Help, everything was fine until the first update today. I'm trying to join to a server from BF4 Launcher (which i always do), everything seems fine, game runs, but on zclient, i cant see that the game has ran. The game is trying to connect the server, but it closes quickly and the game launcher gives me this message:
  10. I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.
  11. Hello Guys! First, I'm really sorry if I ask my question - maybe - in a wrong topic, but I'm new in this forum and I can't write everywhere here in the forums. So, today I meet a great problem with my ZClient. I started it, because I wanted to play Sims 4 and my virus scanner reported, that Zx32.dll and the Zx64.dll are infected with Trojan.Win64.Shelma.bqt and Trojan.Win64.Shelma.bqv viruses. The Client has updated itself and after this I get the message from the scanner. I don't understand this, because I never had this message before after the updates. I played the game 2 days ago and since I don't installed a new mod or something else, it runs perfect, I didn't get this message. Everytime when I start the client, my scanner says again and again the problem. This could be true or not? Thanks really much for the help! Joan
  12. Whenever I try to open zclient, it closes in a few seconds and I can not open Zlorigin. I've reinstalled everything, disabled the antivirus, restarted the computer and nothing happened, help? (My login is usually done) Sorry for the bad english...
  13. So today I wanted to download The Sims 2 for nostalgia reasons. But I got download failed and an error that said "We encountered a problem." there was no error code. Then I thought, oh silly me i didn't had VPN on so I tried again. The download failed again, but this time I got no error message. Then when I tried to relaunch both ZClient and ZLOrigin the download still failed. Tried to do the common troubleshooting (reinstalling etc.), download failed, tried to download something else, download failed, tried everything and nothing worked. Then I saw this tiny little message in ZClient (image included) that "ZLO Cert not installed." I don't understand, a week ago everything was fine. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.
  14. При присоединение к серверу выскакивает авторизация. Что делать?
  15. Stay up to date with FAQ - CLICK ME! F.A.Q. about ZClient and ZlOrigin ZClient и ZlOrigin » Support! FAQ about Battlefield 4 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about Battlefield 3 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about The Sims 4 forum // Support section // Archive // F.A.Q. Problems with Installation and Launching ( It's not for BF3/4 but it is useful) Forum rules » RULES! Before you create a topic, please check out Topics' Archive and use searching at forum. ....few more things News Launchers // ZloLauncher BF4 / BF3 Servers BF4 // Servers BF3 Zlo Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers Topics' Archive. Servers. Launchers Report a cheater in BF4 // Report a cheater in BF3 FAQ on Bans. Misc : Combat League (Clans) // Games // Off-Topic Outdated topic, that can be still useful for reading. Big thanks to Lennie.
  16. Hola amigos. Tengo el siguiente problema, seguí las instrucciones que figuran en el siguiente enlace: How to start playing? y al momento de ejecutar el BFLauncher desde la carpeta de instalación, con el zclient y el zlorigin corriendo, me aparece el siguiente error. Si alguien me puede ayudar o decir como debo realizar la instalación.
  17. Здравствуйте. Помогите пожалуйста. Отключала уже все антивирусы. Пробывала переустанавливать через форум.
  18. hello, my problem is that i download the ZClient.exe from zloemu.net but when I try to start the program doesn't start, I don´t know why but I tried everything. obviusly I disable the antivirus and the firewall but nothing works, and I put the Zclient.exe in a new folder with the same name but stills doesn´t work. pd: I saw the forum but nothing works to me, and I saw screenshots that someone has the Zclient.exe in a folder with another files and I only have one "ZClient.exe, I from Chile.
  19. After opening "ZClient" it stuck on connected after a while it disconnects by time out... I tried deleting settings and retyping email and password it didn't work
  20. Не играл больше месяца, сейчас вместе с zclient'ом запускается новый процесс - zhelper Для чего он нужен, что он делает?
  21. I'm Trying to connect to ZLOrigin to play my games since 08/02/2018 but the Zclient can't connect i already reinstalled and all but still at this error
  22. Не удаётся подключиться к Zclient. Изначально выдавало "почта не найдена", но после смены адреса почты, выдаёт следующее: P.S.: адрес и пароль ввожу верные - я и копировала их с блокнота, и выходила и заново заходила в аккаунт на сайте (он зашёл, а значит пароль и адрес верны).Антивирус выключен. Что ещё можно сделать?
  23. ZClient is not opening. I ran as administrator but no process is started. I've deactivated the entire defense system. I already downloaded ZClient again and the same problem occurred. Please help me.
  24. Здравствуйте, хотел исключительно в одиночной кампании поиграть с данным софтом в итоге получил блокировку аккаунта. Для запуска одиночной игры использовал EASY LAUNCHER 1.5.7 и аккаунт BroStar. На сайте говорится что блокировка была получена 2018-04-24 15:29:54 за использование BF3 Hack, важным моментом является тот факт, что я не подключался ни к одному из серверов, причем уже довольно давно. Как по мне ZClient работает не совсем правильно, в том плане что начинает работать в одиночной игре. В многопользовательском режиме вести нечестную игру желания как не имел так и не имею, ведь как минимум уважаю тех честных игроков которые достигают результатов сами без привлечения помощи сторонних программ, поэтому прошу вашей помощи в снятии блокировки или привлечении иных способов которые были-бы полезны в решении ситуации. Постарайтесь вникнуть в моё неловкое положение и понять меня, ведь не хотелось бы потерять продолжительною связь с столь замечательным проектом как ваш. С уважением к ZloEmu.
  25. I had the sims4 with all the DLCs and expansions installed [by zlorigin], but after I downloaded the update [in zlorigin], everything started to go wrong. And I have also installed the normal origin, with game base [just to access the gallery]. I just play in zl origin, and I installed origin with the base game before the new update [] * remembering: I did not download the game in normal origin, it only appears ready to play when accessing normal origin. The first error was with this code [327683: 0] I could not press the play button on The sims 4 on origin. As in this image [illustrative image of google, not mine]: I uninstalled and reinstalled Zclient and Zorigin, and continued the same error. I uninstalled normal origin, Zlorigin, Zclient, rebooted, and installed only zorigin and zclient. It started giving the error:''Can't connect'' in zlclient, and I could not log in anymore. Consider : * I deleted all the files in the uninstallation of both. * The internet was working very well in every procedure. * The only folder that I did not delete in every procedure was: 'C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games'''to contain all installed games. Until now I have not found a solution.
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