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Found 22 results

  1. Здарова злыдни, буквально вчера столкнулся с этой проблемой. Запускаю я zclient для игры в BF3 но при нажатии на кнопку "запуск" выдаёт вот такое сообщение. Если кто-то сталкивался с подобной проблемой, то помогите, или дайте ссылку на тред здесь, а то не стал весь форум проверять. Заранее спасибо!
  2. So , today I started Zcllient , logged in , then started Bf3 Launcher to play online , and when i select a server it shows me this Pls help
  3. I tried looking for a solution but couldn't find one. EKZ7amvW4AAARvL.jfif
  4. everytime i finish making a sim and go to move into brichester the game goes to load and then crashes. no crash log or anything. it could be mods i suppose but its not happening in any other world. help
  5. Почистил все програмой IOBIT Advanced caresystem, потом захотел зайти в бф4 а вылезла ошибка про dinput.dll.Я скачал этот файл "dinput.dll" заменил в коренной папке бф4. Запустил уже без ошибки но не работает мультиплеер. Zclient и zlorigin запущен. ПОМОГИТЕ С ОШИБКОЙ!!!!
  6. hi dear users and admin . i have bought a new system that runs on win 10. i have copied the BF3 from the old system on the new laptop . when i want to join a server the game asks for a validation account (key) i join with my account but i face with an error . The second error i get is d3d11.ddl missing from system 32 folder (i check the folder and .dll is available and i install DRX 12 /DRX 11/ DRX 10 but the error still appears) Please help .
  7. ID iZAnAG1 And can you give players more battlepacks? ZLObf4 can't get attachment of a weapon that you want if you killed 270 people with that gun.
  8. I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.
  9. Stay up to date with FAQ - CLICK ME! F.A.Q. about ZClient and ZlOrigin ZClient и ZlOrigin » Support! FAQ about Battlefield 4 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about Battlefield 3 forum // Support section // Archive // FAQ about The Sims 4 forum // Support section // Archive // F.A.Q. Problems with Installation and Launching ( It's not for BF3/4 but it is useful) Forum rules » RULES! Before you create a topic, please check out Topics' Archive and use searching at forum. ....few more things News Launchers // ZloLauncher BF4 / BF3 Servers BF4 // Servers BF3 Zlo Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers Topics' Archive. Servers. Launchers Report a cheater in BF4 // Report a cheater in BF3 FAQ on Bans. Misc : Combat League (Clans) // Games // Off-Topic Outdated topic, that can be still useful for reading. Big thanks to Lennie.
  10. I just got this for sims and when I try to log into ZClient it says "Mail not found" and disconnects me. Would appreciate the help ;)
  11. furk4n

    multiacc ban

    we use a family pc and my brother try to hack game and get banned ,after he open new accounts and get multiacc ban too his nickname was furkan46 i think we got hardware ban i cant play game for him stupid mistake can admins unban our pc, if it possible i will be happy i promise i don't let him play there is log 30-01-2019 16:41:09 furk4n Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:22:31 furkan9730 Multiacc 30-01-2019 14:15:12 furkan46 BF3 Hack
  12. I had a error with my The Sims 3. It's my first time running it on ZLOrigin and appeared that. The error says: "Origin is required to play this game. Install Origin and run the game again. If Origin is installed and the game don't run, contact customer support."
  13. Hello. I recently installed ZLOrigin with ZLClient and all that required stuff so I could download and play The Sims 4. Unfortunately, I could not be able to do so for other reasons, but when I ran ZLOrigin for the first time, it "updated" my previosly pirated copy of The Sims 3. Now, when I want to run it, it opens origin and won't let me play, becuase it says I do not have origin installed on my computer. Which, funny enough, I also have installed on my computer since I own a couple games on that platform. What do I do? Thanks beforehand.
  14. I have a problem with Procon error:(it can't make this connection because the pc rejected this action)
  15. Hello! I wanted to ask for help to undo my Battlefield 4 account because my PC was turned on and my little brother got to play with hacks, so bad is that he needs it. Please, I humbly ask, I am a clean player who likes to show his true abilities and to get out of my way I will be much more careful So that it does not happen again, Thanks!
  16. The update is stuck help!!
  17. After I installed the The Sims 4 and all DLC's and updates, whenever I start the game after about 10 minutes my pc turns off. I tested with my antivirus on and off, and the problem is the same. I played only the base game before trying the ZLOrigin version and this issue never appeared. What should be this issue?
  18. So I downloaded ZLOrigin, ZClient, started it up, and everything worked just fine. Downloaded The Sims 4 and all DLC to C:/program files/origin games. No issues there. I try starting the game? I get an error message. So far, everything I have done isn't working. I've reinstalled the game (twice), rebooted my PC, removed all of my Anti-Virus software, allowed ZLOrigin, ZClient, and The Sims 4 through my firewall, disabled Windows Defender, and moved the Sims 4 file to My Documents (and then back to my origin games folder). Any suggestions are helpful ones at this point. ---Thanks, KH
  19. I have made a new launcher for Zlo Battlefield 4. But when I click create topic, most of the options are gray color and I can't select anything. Please help.
  20. Puse el mismo usuario y contraseña con la que me registre en ZLOemu cuando me pidieron registrarme en EA, supuestamente me dijieron que era asi, no entiendo por que me pasa esto pero me dio error de que la licencia era invalida, a mis amigos le funcionaron tal y como yo lo hice, me habre saltado algo importante? por cierto ya no me deja intentar mas poner el usuario y contraseña para registrarme en EA simplemente cada vez que selecciono un serividor y le doy a Multi me sale esta ventana sin la opcion de intentar poner mis datos de nuevo, he estado probando con varios cracks, y launcher de servidores pero nada, por favor si hay algun dios que sepa como solucionar este problema se la chupo ;P (es coña obiavemente pero estaria enternamente agradecido :D) Saludos, pasen un buen dia y gracias ç
  21. Not me something english .. I have a problem with my Level I was level 40+ and one time only when I entered play pen is level 1, although that's still left me be quite ekspiriensa to achieve a higher level .. if we can help when
  22. Скачать Сервер Скачать ZServer Скачать ZLoader для сервера и положить в папку к ехе сервера. У сервера теперь логин и пароль прописывается в параметрах запуска сервера так: -zlogin xxxxx -zpass xxxxxx (только допустимые значения Aa-Zz 0-9 (ограничения по длине: от 4 до 16 символов) ) Если у вас указаны какие-либо сервера в Win32Game.cfg - удалить. Win32Game.cfg должен выглядеть следующим образом: -server -dedicated Теперь разберемся с батником: start Frost.Game.Main_Win32_Final.exe -serverInstancePath "InstanceBC2/" -mapPack2Enabled 1 -port 19565 -timeStampLogNames -region OC -heartBeatInterval 300000 -zlogin test -zpass test Предварительно поменяйте -zlogin ; -zpass (c "test", на допустимое значение) Здесь при необходимости меняется только игровой порт. "-port 19565". Тоже самое относится и ко 2-му батнику для запуска "Vietmam" start Frost.Game.Main_Win32_Final.exe -serverInstancePath "Instance/" -mapPack2Enabled 1 -port 19566 -timeStampLogNames -region OC -heartBeatInterval 300000 -zlogin test -zpass test Если Вы хотите запустить Сервер BFBC2 то запускайте ~StartServerBC2.bat Если Вы хотите запустить Сервер BFBC2 Vietnam то запускайте ~StartServerBC2DLC.bat Основные настройки сервера лежат в Папке Instance и InstanceBC2 В зависимости от того, какой сервер Вы стартуете. Рассмотрим пример BFBC2 - соответственно InstanceBC2 В этом каталоге находятся основные настройки сервера: В данной папке лежит ServerOptions.ini содержимое: [Options] Name=My Server // Название сервера Port=19567 // Игровой порт RemoteAdminPort=48888 // порт для подключения Procon/Rcon - для администрирования сервера RemoteAdminPassword=replaceme // Пароь для Procon/Rcon PunkBuster=true // Античит система вкл/выкл (false/true) Ranked=true // показатель говорит что ваш сервер ранговый NumGameClientSlots=32 // Количество слотов для игроков RevisionLevel = 8 RevisionKey = 7C0A303E-F4D2-985E-763D-E7C41B1E06A3 GameModID = BC2 Теперь Сервер можно подключать к Procon для дальнейшей и детальной его настройке.
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