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  1. I understand, still very interested in how you do it. but better not discuss in public
  2. I can also provide you with the configs for bf4. Your own anticheat, does it scan for known suspicious files on the client side? ? It would be great if active processes could also be scanned. The MD5 lists are officially from pbbans.
  3. I've done some research. A while back there was a problem with false positive bans from evenbalance. Those false positives will no longer be banned. take a look here: If you stream via pbbans, these will not appear in your ban list. I suspect that feature has been disabled because of the false positives. And you have to configure punkbuster otherwise it won't do much...
  4. Well I have had 11 bans with the simplebf3.dll, almoste all of them live in columbia.. on the MD5 list the simplybf3.dll is some what on top if the list. thats wy there are so many of them. I am going to set it some ware at the bottem... maybe it will give some time to intercept some pb screens..
  5. simplebf3.dll is a dll to inject its a hack. and using overlay.. sorry they get perm ban on my server. no mercy toward cheaters
  6. hi, You guys got some server problem? or maybe rolling out a majoor update?
  7. It is actualy proof that there were hacks detected clientside. I just report them. on my servers they are banned for life... no mercy
  8. MD5 Tool is a tool that punkbuster uses to scan the clientside files.. It uses a list with names and md5 hashes of files that are known to be hacks. It can also scan the client original game files to see if there is not tamperd with... so if there are any files that relate to a hack it wil trigger and ban the client by guid. If you have a server that is streaming pb logs to pbbans.com the detection will be registred. and the client gets banned on every server thats streaming to pbbans.com so MD5 tool Violation means that the ban is triggerd by the md5 tool. wich means there are client
  9. @ZLOFENIX, is there any way i can send you private messages.. so i can send you the configs. Don't want them to be public
  10. If you set the punkbuster setting guidrelax to 2 that problem is solved. you have a AC running on all the servers? Now you got me intrested ^^
  11. Here are the 2 servers showing they stream to pbbans.com. the links i gave with the bans were streamed of of my servers... and also that the team name is still the old one... its a good system to verify bans on a pb server...
  12. they got caught on my server with my punkbuster its configured to run MD5 tool file checks. they were banned with my PBBANS account with my servers streaming to them. NOT 4 Pussy's HARDCORE - 2XP | Noshahr Cannels| All Unlocked ---- ip ***.49.176.178:25201 and NOT 4 Pussy's HARDCORE - 2XP | Mixed type | No borders ---- ip ***.49.176.178:25201 marked first 3 digits of server ip for security reasons *** I have just got an other one. https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-0f353603-vb427254.html I will put in a screenshot of what i see on that site so you can see its my
  13. Server detected 2 more hackers. https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-1190343a-vb427250.html https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-85eb88c2-vb427251.html
  14. https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-c73573f9-vb427247.html and the 3rd today...
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