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  1. the emu server is down at 5 am timezone Amsterdam
  2. Its to bad, battlefield hardline was a good game. I made a server fiew months ago. But it had no succes.
  3. kameleke


    why is the title of this post BANkai what are you talking about? BanKai_009 is my fellow server admin name. that is way I'm asking.
  4. when you start wine with xfvb you don't see anything it is made to run grapic apps on a server here is some info https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man1/Xvfb.1.html
  5. well i talked to him personally he apologized.
  6. yes, and sometimes I really wish bf3 did have it... In spectator mode you can better evaluate if a player is using hacks if their suspicious... As admin its a shame it does not support it...
  7. in the Startup.txt put in the beginning this command punkBuster.activate also update the punkbuster directory of your gameserver manually you can find the updater on punkbuster.com otherwise it will kick all players that have diff version. One issu, there are a lot of players in bf3 that have not installed punkbuster services or have a client that is not up to date.. they will be kicked out of the server after.. half a minute or so..
  8. Matraka i found him very suspicious on my server. the cheat detector was almost triggered by him.. just by 2%.. Sooner or later he will trigger it. and he stole the name of my gameserver so it looks like its a 2nd server of the "NOT 4 Pussy's HARDCORE" to lure in players.. He has no imagination.. And stealing Names and Ideas is pretty laaaaammee...
  9. well that depends... if you want to use the preset hardcore. you can edit your server using procon. If you just want to edit the startup.txt generally the settings for hardcore are these... vars.friendlyFire true vars.killCam false vars.miniMap false vars.3dSpotting false vars.miniMapSpotting false vars.3pCam false vars.nameTag false vars.regenerateHealth false vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn true vars.soldierHealth 60 vars.hud false you can always edit these settings as you like.. but editing these makes it a CUSTOM server.. hope i have been of any help. greetings
  10. were to get these files? server does not crash anymore. but explain. wat kind of seeder attack? like a DDOS attack? @ZLOFENIX do you know anything about modded server files?
  11. I'm searching for the source files of the latest procon version If you have a link i would be very grateful. Greatings Kameleke and BanKai
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