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  1. I want to report this bf3 server called NOT 4 Pussy's HARDCORE - 2XP | NOSHAHR TDM CHANNEL | All Unlocked which has the double score modification which is prohibited here
  2. there are always exceptions that proves to be a good admin
  3. Hello, I'm from America, I don't know why they were so harsh with deleting my account just for giving it a name from another server, I had no idea that it couldn't be done, I apologize if I did something wrong, I hope I can recover my account mi account is 2022-05-30 23:27:57 pepe77pro Server name spoofing Forever
  4. Los Invito amigos a Jugar Bc2 en un nuevo server que acabo de abrir y es el unico que esta online , me avisan si les interesa jugar
  5. Хочу пригласить вас поиграть в bad company 2 Я только что установил сервер в zlo под названием Ukrane Conquest 24/7
  6. I want to invite you to play bad company 2 I just installed a server in zlo called Ukrane Conquest 24/7
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