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  1. [DOGE] Babag [DOGE] FAZIL-X [DOGE] KHAN-BABY [DOGE] BabaG95 [DOGE] PAPEEN-X Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Bandwidth Zindabad! Long Live Pakistan <3
  2. I sent you an .exe before on e-mail if you can decompile it, you may find.
  3. Thank you and thanks to everyone for the support. Love you all!
  4. The admin of this server is my friend, you can confirm with him. We always joke around. This is not solid proof everyone can make up messages like these.
  5. @ kameleke why?
  6. Thanks bro, it's just disappointing. That NOT 4 PUSSY guy's got bad blood with me.
  7. Additionally, fenix you didn't mentioned the server. You didn't showed me the proof. And on top of that, this is not a solid proof. Everyone can say server will crash, you'll ban all? I think kameleke send you the screenshots, I don't know why he has bad blood with me. I can show you screenshots on the counter proof as well.
  8. @ ZLOFENIX The proof is unjustified. If server is getting lagged and I say it will turn down. It is obvious too? Screenshots, you can make with photoshop. There should be proper proof of trace back. And why would I ddos and then say in the chat like a noob? Makes no sense to me. This ban is unjustified and the appeal is valid. Please unban.
  9. Whenever server start lagging I know it crashes, so I just say bye bye I guess. :((( @ ZLOFENIX I didn't ddos bro. Please unban.
  10. Fenix proof where?
  11. Check Event Viewer and share info. Incase there any error. Also make sure firewall allowed.
  12. That's not a proof fenix. I have always helped zlo project and I would never DDoS a server. It's a lose lose situation. I always helped all the admins with server files etc.
  13. First learn to install the game before you talk about KHAN


    KHAN-BABY Appeal

    I am banned for DDoS. Which makes no sense to me. Please unban.
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