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  1. И я сообщил об этом сайте в полицию страны. И я это сделал. Меня даже оценили. Ты скоро пожалеешь. Не расстраивайся на меня. [goodbyezlo] Теперь вы понимаете, почему я попрощался :]
  2. What a good answer! I am happy with your interesting point of view. And again, the zlo site fires the players without a document and also with decent behavior. After recording our conversations and sending them to all YouTube channels, we will see who will win.:]
  3. Спасибо умный! Пожалуйста, Ваше Превосходительство, как важное лицо в ассоциации, пришлите мне документы и видео людей, которых каждый день увольняют, а затем комментируйте. иначе. Я отправлю это сообщение повторно :]
  4. And expel those for whom there is no evidence or film every day. I see the list of deportees every day. Where are their documents? Reply + If you did not correct my answer, I will send this message again.brother I have the right to know where the documents and videos of those who are banned every day are?
  5. Малышка, этот сервер пустой, что тебе неинтересно. Если присмотреться, будет интереснее :]
  6. So accept that he is a deceiver. I also play almost every day. My friend, I accept your words. The trick is great. But I do not send any more messages. I let them cheat. And expel those for whom there is no evidence or film every day. I see the list of deportees every day. Where are their documents? Answer
  7. Comrade, instead of this ridiculous game. You know this player is a cheater. You saw it clearly. Is there a problem with me? No problem, I do not send messages anymore, it is better for them to cheat. If I knew you had a problem with me, I would never send a message so that the cheaters could play easily.So the same goodbyezlo :]
  8. 1.1477533 2.aim Hi do not be bored, I did not want to send this video. This player uses cheating because I was upset and he has a high degree. Just give a small warning without deleting the account.
  9. I wish I could create a server. I went through all the steps but it gives an error when running. I do not know why.If it's true, I can set everything free, put great maps and report the cheat.Hard For Me
  10. Really brother.Wow! I do not know why they are upset, we will kill him. Give a logical reason why he ben me for 15 days. But I did not care, I did not play for 15 days.
  11. This dear administrator fired me from his 3 servers. For no reason. I do not know why. 15 days. Maybe because I killed him several times in a row. I was neither a hacker nor anything else. I did not play b3 for 15 days. I do not care about these behaviors
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