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  1. never mind guys , i fixed it , my router was blocking ICMP protocol. Thanks
  2. If you don’t have an answer, don’t answer please , thanks.
  3. i can't see the player's pings in my server , i opened the ports and disabled firewall , still the same , what can i do?
  4. my firewall is disabled everything is disabled , even anti virus
  5. Hello i host a home Server on zlo, i need help with a problem im having. everything is fine and good , server running and the players can join , but the players that in my server can't see their pings.. what could be the problem ? there is another servers that hosted by home too and pings are showing , what could be the problem ? and how to fix this? this is the server configuration thanks for help Win32Game.cfg Startup.txt
  6. Hello , how can i download BF3 server files R40? https://zloemu.net/faq?id=3 this link does not work https://cloud.mail.ru/public/AiXj/nFn1vj6Vy/bf3/BF3_PC_Server_R40_1427727_Binaries.rar it stops at 300 MB downloaded
  7. apply client.zip again and overwrite files check the launcher and try to download again , make sure ZClient is updated and delete the three folder (EA) in %programdata% and try again
  8. read FAQ in zloemu.tk , BF3 moved to monolith , my video is pointless thats why i deleted it
  9. ok lets just wait hopefully it will be fixed soon
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