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  1. Its 2019 and BF4 is still full with trash cheaters. @GreeenPNZ в зло - ДА ! ++++++
  2. There is no such a thing like "kill without gun" bug. Its damage boost cheat (1shot) End of topic. PP: Its so funny after all these years people still thinks they can beat the zlo staff system. PP2: Why the author is hiding his name?
  3. I've noticed few times and I will ask you nicely to stop talk about a*us and etc.
  4. Windows 10 1903 version is not for low PC configuration. One free advice - go back to 1803(clean install) and stop all updates because 1903 will melt your PC and 1903. For no reason 1903 audio and display drivers use 100% disk space and killing you. PS - " 1903 version is not for low PC configuration " - every PC under 2016 is low for 1903.
  5. PB kick 2-4 mins after you joined at server and started playing or PB kick which does not allow you to enter at the server?
  6. I think this topic has become a confession topic collecting garbage. I suggest the topic to be just for a people who got banned in SIMS (multiacc thing in sims) and to be moved to SIMS forums and every trash who is crying for Battlefield unban to be immediately removed.
  7. 1 - Jogo de reparação via ZLORIGIN. 2 - Use este lançador
  8. Most of players are blind, ArchxR is not one of them. ---- simple.
  9. Please, SCORPION - hang yourself, you're trash.
  10. I don't care about him or you. The whole situation is not connected with ZLOGames. The theft of personal data and threats are reported to the relevant authorities, not on ZLO.
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