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  1. you used same email password for zloemu acc ? maybe GOD can help you, maybe not, be patient.
  2. First of all Lennie is not nigga, second go to zloemu.net, click to lost password button - type harlea88@2viewerl.com - get new password , but probably you dont know and email password, am i right ?
  3. Kanye

    No1CAReZ glitch

    Epicenter is map with lots of glitch places and this is one of them! @ZLOFENIX
  4. Kanye


  5. Kanye

    Well im banned

  6. Kanye

    ineed help BF4 Russian servers

    You аrе banned for breaking the rules.
  7. Kanye


    @ZLOFENIX take his soul
  8. Kanye

    Why banned?

    Glitch is not allowed!
  9. Kanye


    "собствено от себя добавить нечего,на видео все видно" Видно?? , чит, гдеее ??
  10. Lots of players are better than me but i dont really care because I'm here to seduce the life of the offenders #LONG LIVE EP TEAM!
  11. No, i dont have to learn because i dont want to. I'm satisfied with my current skills ) , but is always cool to ban the macro QUS4I and make him start new acc, let him up some levels and ban him again, buahhahahahha!
  12. That's old cancer player -> QUIS4I , macro homo boy