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  1. After a little research most of "SimpleBF3.dll" bans are no-spread/recoil (+injector ofc) - free hacks for cheap-trash players.
  2. MD5 Tool Violation wasn't that the blue tint remover & AHK ?
  3. Contact with server admin, this is not a reason for ZLO BAN. POCTOB admin
  4. Brendo

    Daily reminder

    Hi players. I am writing to remind you about the "FREE" ZLOFENIX GAMES. I see a lot of "unknown" people (pu**ies who don't dare to put their real nick/name), are angry with how things are going in this "FREE" project and how ZLOFENIX is dealing with hackers (in game and outside). 1 - Everything here is free, if you don't like it - buy the official games and shut the f*ck up. 2 - You don't like Fenix's attitude towards hackers (the option to give them a second chance) -> • Buy official bf3/4 and go f*ck yourself. ( bf3 price 7€, bf4 - 12€ ) - these are the prices from the biggest code
  5. Bruh. Its showtime guys. KPOB0CT0K & ToxiC are warned. 1 - INSULTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. 2 - This is topic is not the place for server wars. This is not the place to express opinion about other players (which are not reported) and servers. 3 - Do not talk about DDoS unless you have some solid proof. 4 - Server admins - if people here don't see a valid reason for the person you reported to be banned - then just ban him from your server. 5 - Fenix doesn't close his eyes, he just wants to see if you guys going to deal with this like normal people. In other words - it gives you a ch
  6. "Longer video" - 5-10min. , but I don't see the point of "YOU" recording, it's obvious that your machine is very weak, you're recording at 15-20fps, everything seems like a hack at 15-20fps. Ask server admins to monitoring the guy or ask a guy with better machine to record him. + let's not forget that there are also many anomalies in spectator mode.
  7. Please record a longer video, 1 kill is not enough!
  8. Nice video (5-10fps)...I almost threw up. As I read the player is banned by a vote, otherwise, someone with a more powerful machine should record next time. ...and for the players who massively vote for ban/kick - talk with server owners/admins. They most likely won't respond to you, but here comes the good part - you don't like voteban/kick, server admins and stuff like that - VPS+server files - voila.
  9. I'm pretty sure they still have the !report [player name] [reason] option. WaNdErEr_ROVER and other guys will check it out.
  10. Spectator bugs. Most of the time you can see that he is aiming next to him and kills him.
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