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  1. Yesterday a friend shared a screenshot and I've found a guy with usual username "allahSu**My***". Allah is an arabic word for God, and this alias self explanatory. So requesting you guys for some action. He is at 21th place in the following screenshot. @ZLOFENIX@B7ackhawk
  2. I would give my solemn and unbiased view about Dogfighters' ranking in ZLO in 2016 #1 Reza Phantom #2 Godfather #3 777Raze777 These were the top three, but there are some others those I can't rank: Airwolf Airstrike93 al_capone cyrus_the_great himimo19 Keith2137 cobaloloco redwolf in 2017-18 Since I haven't played in 2017-18 that much so this ranking may have some disputes. #1 G0dfather(he doesnt play on zlo but i would say still hes gonna rek everyone) #2 Airwolf(if he plays on zlo) 3# Redwolf(he wasnt g
  3. finally someone agrees with me lol
  4. dude its my second account and(archer) he'd reset his account
  5. Honestly, if u havent felt missing bullets and hitreg fail, you havent played this game dat much xD I am not saying dat u r saying wrong but i wanted to convey that the video is not an enough prove tbh. "I will record more and from my pov if I see him again" this sounds better but do record from his pov too!
  6. true dat bro, long video would help us.
  7. Do you even really know what is a spam spot huh? "what would you get for defending cheaters? " prolly i will get nothing from it, and accusing one for cheating is a strong statement because it could ruin one's respect in just seconds. I don't know why are you considering spectator mode as an ultimate, almighty tool for detecting hacking. Yeah it can aid to a great extent to catch cheaters. If you have little idea about how this spectator mode works, it doesn't show you the exactly what he is seeing(his pov). It shows relative prospective, getting feeds from the server, but it is not
  8. Tatsumaki is totally clear; I don't see any suspicious stuff from him, but in case of hanterkun just watch second prove again from 0:39 after killing "Harman", you can clearly see an enemy coming into the tunnel though he can't kill him. If he were hacking, there should aim twitching or insta aim, but there was nothing. Ah I know there was a reload. However, there should be an insta aim if he was using an aimbot. GIF of prove https://gyazo.com/ff1e1f70a226507aada6288370356fe0
  9. man where did u get these memes ? lol
  10. yep i was hoping to arrange it but we have an asian server which isnt good for other ppl across the world if someone arrange us a server then we are good to go
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