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  1. Well, first, 90% of what you said was one guy's fault (I will not say who), then I make an unban request with a joke (bad one, I recognize) to a specific admin but I was received by the master. In fact, I never had bad relation with the admin I tried to join. (understand it is the one who ban me) _For the guy causing all this trouble, he is hard to contain and whole clan was taking apart because of him. Nothing else is necessary to make him understand his faults I guess. _I made this topic because I said to your master I will do so, not for being forgiven but to prevent others. and fo
  2. :) :) :) Thank you bro, anyway i made an unban request to WYD ... here's the answer : "the reason why you were banned is because the whole group izis has been banned for openly recruting in are servers i have warned to many times and got caught a 3rd time with my eyes.. wana be apart of izis then u need to find a new server to play on we dont take kindly to people recruiting in are servers." We just said yes to a guy (Maximakov) who asked us if he can join without advertise him. :(
  3. Well, my clan used to play in WYD Extreme Metro 24/7, but we all get banned for supposedly recruiting. That's why (because I saw AIM and ACES clan in it), if someone ask to join your clan, DON'T SAY YES IN CHAT, ask them to go in Teamspeak or another thing because if you answer them in chat...well the entire clan will pay for it. We loved this server due, for most of us, to the low ping but we cannot fight against admins. :cry:
  4. 2.00 finally I reach it!!!

  5. idfa, 1_mf, madfunk, are you a CIA's agent with all that names :D , to be more serious, we love some challenge and you are a great one :cool: (even alone)
  6. Damn, another evidence that my clan need training, good job dude :)
  7. K\D ratio before IZIS : 1.09... NOW : 1.97 and go up

  8. I make this topic because many people who play with us say that the two most valuable players of our clan, that are Apathy and Brooo, cheat. Well, they don't, they are skilled, due to aim and time reaction training (http://aim400kg.ru/en/), but not invincible. So to all reading this, please, try the exact aiming training and reach the 50000 (Apathy score :D) then come fight again. Me I reach the 35000 and now I can kill them (not easely due to my time reaction :zst: ). To conclude, for all that are suspicious anyway, Apathy got a twitch channel : http://www.twitch.tv/apathy_xv Chec
  9. I heve the same error as Jusik when i want to check my stats
  10. @GreyHat : Don't worry, you're in register in our website too, I will tell Apathy to edit the thread :smoke:
  11. he's one of the first members, got_u/Abdo, and for the moment he's at game's beginning :D
  12. Hi, first time I ran the Launcher I had this error too, read the IMPORTANT NOTE at the end of this : http://zlogames.ru/index.php?showtopic=2145 Hope that it helps.
  13. Join, but put IZIS, it stands for "International Zone of Illustrious Soldiers", I got to see the clan editor today
  14. Well, we got some problem with Americans servers (They don't like it), so I will see our leader to see if it's ok, hold on :cool:
  15. I'm faster than light, because I'm already here... I'm the Dark

  16. A lot think Tahiti has the sun, well it rains all the time!!

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