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  1. Edited. Welcome GreyHat :o wooooo . sorry i've been inactive. i got hit by a car lol. whole left side of my body got wrecked. :lol:
  2. IZIS - International Zone of Illustrious Soldiers , is a clan that accepts anyone and everyone. We are just and not biased against anyone, we play for fun as well as competitive. - We are an open recruitment clan. BF3 Pro Clan is in Open Recruitment Rules: Have a Sense of humor- dont be a prude Have access to teamspeak Play as a team Hacks, Cheats, Glitching is forbidden .Respect each other Have fun...smoke a doobie. Clan Master: Bro Members: Apathy Doggy771 Kriyppler Mebadatkilling1 Teritua2606 got_u / Abdo IISalvatore Vonestoner Qyrid GreyHat
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