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  2. 1. DeFUzE (rank 27, ping 270 ) 2. wallhack + magic Bullets 3. Panda 4.
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  4. Panda servers have their own topic, discord server and an admin to answer your problems.
  5. If I screenshot and recorded everytime he voteban someone or insult someone. I wont have any space left.
  6. And this a screenshot a panda admin took. As u can see in the chat he is insulting everyone As usual
  7. Thats a different one of him having a. Mental breakdown on chat xd
  8. He votebanned the wrong player (somehow he is blind and managed to do that lol)
  9. This just a sample. Plus he started a voteban on a different player for what he claims”hacker” that player had KDR of like 20 -16 so i dont know how he is cheating
  10. Lol this moron voteban everyone and cries when you kill him and start saying “gaayass wole hack cheeeaaat “ like he is having a mental breakdown. Today i got votekicked by him twice in arow just because i was playing attack jet in shanghai and was killing the whole lobby he made a voteban on me and player numbers were low so only 5 yes were required. And i got kicked with no reason or anything. I killed him with. Tow while he was attack chopper he started calling “1 hit kill hacker”. I shot TV at him in his tank. He said “my zunies do 30 dmg. And i got dmg hack” and ofc he had more players to back him up and say yes to kick me (cuz me and the gunner were dominating the lobby). And i got kicked twice. My gunner (iamshrood) got kicked once and kappal got kicked once. With no proof to his claims. Thats why b7 u should really remove the voteban/kick. Players. Abuse it. Uf there is a cheater. Players should go spectate and send proof here other than that it gets abused
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  12. In panda server we got a big problem called nomoreAVR, he keeps using the votekick command to kick everyone that kills him and keeping call hackers or cheaters with many other insults people like me( KappaID), Toxicisback, Dodeman, Jgwentwort and everyone else. Please do something, he is a pain in the ass.
  13. the 2 kills after 1:30 are pretty obvious proof
  14. 1. Jekakao (rank 3, ping 75 ) 2. wallhack 3. Panda 4.
  15. 1. Se1f0 (rank 8, ping 50 ) 2. aimbot + wallhack 3. Panda 4.
  16. Hi, Server Name : BF4 Stars Player | Best Ping Server Location : Germany Number of Slot : 64 Vote Kick - Vote Ban - Vote Map Are Enabled All ConquestLarge Maps Please Check Our Server If You Have any Suggestion and Criticism, Please Share with Me Here. Thanks
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  18. now i have a new problem hehehehehe ican't update my Zclient i desinstall it and reinstall it and alwaz same problems i didn't play from 25/05/2020 i can't get in the game. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE HELP ME
  19. Battlefield 3 - Grand bazaar RUSH-defend (108-18)
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