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Found 12 results

  1. Добрый день! До последнего обновления всё было прекрасно, обновлялось скачивалось без проблем. Сейчас же при попытке обновиться, через какое-то время ориджин вместе с Zclient просто закрываются без выдавания какой-либо ошибки. Как решить проблему?
  2. i download everything and run as "Admin" but got this error any help?
  3. I want to switch from bf3 zlo to origin how do I do that ?
  4. i tried everything thing removing registry install and uinstall everything still nothing works can anyone help me?
  5. I've downloaded and played sims with this installer for quite a bit now, but as of yesterday its started giving me the error "The program can't start because ZUpdaterx32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" I've redownloaded the entire thing, replaced the EXISTING ZUpdaterx32.dll file, redownloaded sims. nothing seems to be working! please help
  6. Hola muy buen dia para toda la comunidad de habla hispana, me gustaría saber si en el BTF ZLO hay forma de añadir amigos?
  7. I had a error with my The Sims 3. It's my first time running it on ZLOrigin and appeared that. The error says: "Origin is required to play this game. Install Origin and run the game again. If Origin is installed and the game don't run, contact customer support."
  8. Hello. I recently installed ZLOrigin with ZLClient and all that required stuff so I could download and play The Sims 4. Unfortunately, I could not be able to do so for other reasons, but when I ran ZLOrigin for the first time, it "updated" my previosly pirated copy of The Sims 3. Now, when I want to run it, it opens origin and won't let me play, becuase it says I do not have origin installed on my computer. Which, funny enough, I also have installed on my computer since I own a couple games on that platform. What do I do? Thanks beforehand.
  9. Hello Zlo I have problem i already play with two accounts one called Gen_Dream_69 and the Other Colonel_Dream When i played the campaign in Gen_Dream_69 account i got all weapons unlocked but the problem is when i tried to play with Colonel_Dream i finished all campaigns from the start and no weapons unlocked Can you guys help me with that or if there is a way to delete caches or something like that to fix it Thanks for your efforts Zlo
  10. Hi, I was wondering if I could play battlefield 4 on both zlo and official origin on same pc with the same installation folder? Help is really appreciated and thanks in advance!
  11. So I downloaded ZLOrigin, ZClient, started it up, and everything worked just fine. Downloaded The Sims 4 and all DLC to C:/program files/origin games. No issues there. I try starting the game? I get an error message. So far, everything I have done isn't working. I've reinstalled the game (twice), rebooted my PC, removed all of my Anti-Virus software, allowed ZLOrigin, ZClient, and The Sims 4 through my firewall, disabled Windows Defender, and moved the Sims 4 file to My Documents (and then back to my origin games folder). Any suggestions are helpful ones at this point. ---Thanks, KH
  12. Не могу пройти логин Origin, хотя делаю все по инструкции. Сначала пишет, что "под этой учетной записью к версии Battlefield обращалось слишком большое число компьютеров. После, как написано в FAQ "Удалите C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\DGRXXXXXX.dlf (Папка может быть скрытой). (данный файл не нужно удалять перед каждым входом в игру)!", я удалил нужный файл. Потом снова прошел логин и мне выдало окно с сообщением о том, что не удалось активировать battlefield 3. После я зашел на zloemu, и мой аккаунт забанили за multiacc, хотя никаких других аккаунтов больше нет. Скрин прикреплю. Игра и DLC скачаны со zlotracker'а, все по инструкции. Кряк тоже поставлен.
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