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  1. hmmm.... it's my fault then for breaking this rule On the server it is forbidden to use the multiplier of points more than X2. i was using 200% from Battle-packs but i didn't know it was forbidden , so is there is a chance to get unbanned please ..... since i wasn't familiar with the servers rules also i don't like breaking rules but it was a mistake ...
  2. Hello dear server administrators I just joined server Dat PEPETA(R60) and with no reason got banned by admin i didn't even play on the server just joined got banned I have Ping 250 in that Server but i think it's not the real reason to ban me I hope to get unbanned because map rotation and mods there are so great thanks guys for your help
  3. hello guys Name : Yanivpro Server : Pycckuu CEPBEP-All MAPs- Stats (Rank 4 :::: Ping 72 ) Here is the score of just one round I hope that player get banned
  4. oh okay .... thanks man i appreciate your replay and have a nice game too xD
  5. Hello everyone in general and Zlo Admins specially xD I want to understand the differences between the one in this topic http://zlotracker.org/37446 and this one http://zlotracker.org/37328 Also i have the first one and my Knifes in Multiplayer is not unlocked and says Premium Item So do you advice me to download the Second copy ? thanks guys
  6. maybe its bug because P90 weapon needs to complete last mission killing hannah in SP and i finished it but i didn't get the P90
  7. Hello Zlo I have problem i already play with two accounts one called Gen_Dream_69 and the Other Colonel_Dream When i played the campaign in Gen_Dream_69 account i got all weapons unlocked but the problem is when i tried to play with Colonel_Dream i finished all campaigns from the start and no weapons unlocked Can you guys help me with that or if there is a way to delete caches or something like that to fix it Thanks for your efforts Zlo
  8. Another live image how a fresh rank man can do this also he kills with just one bullet !
  9. So .... can i create another account just for a new start ? i need someone to confirm :P i don't want to lose my GAME just for resetting my stats xD
  10. Hello Guys , First of all i want to thank zlo Admins and mods for their great efforts of making such games for us . I have an inquiry : could ZLO reset my Stats without making another account because ( multi Accounts=BAN ) I would be grateful Actually i want to start over again with rank one ( its just more fun ) My ACC name (yourdream19977757@gmail.com) Sincerely
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