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  1. ooh, I understand, sorry for not having read the new news hehe
  2. Hello I have a problem when I start the ZLoader client it tells me that ZClient is not running or is not open and if I have it running and I do not know why that error appears, any solution? and before it had not given me any problem what if it happened is that the ZClient was updated and I also tried to download the ZLoader from the page but it says error 404
  3. oohh I see, thanks then I will download the previous version again to play it again, why is there no possibility to update the launcher to run on the latest version?
  4. I have the game in a separate hard disk partition, it is not where the operating system is installed, now the SC version is the recent: directory game: (OS Installed in disk C:) D:\Games\StarCraft Remastered
  5. hello, I try to run the SC Remastered but now I get an error I don't know if the launcher works with the new version that came out but when I run the launcher it shows me the "nothing to run" error and I don't know why this error is due, no I know if it is the version because the game was updated or what happened, if you could help me I would be grateful
  6. Hello, I wanted to ask, how to play StarCraft Remastered in multiplayer but I do not get on the list of friends and wanted to know how I can add it or something, to play games, but I do not know how to do it
  7. I ask this question since in case this game I wanted to see it in remaster to play the campaign but seeing the crack I do not seethat it can be played without internet connection so that it works well, then I wanted to check if there is any way to play The SC Remastered but only offline with the remaster options enabled but in mode without internet connection or is the internet connection required for crack?
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