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Found 17 results

  1. 1. SCORPION-KING 2. Pycckuu CEPBEP 24/7 TDM Canal 3. Oneshot 4. 0:04 - 89HP to 0HP 02:15 - 100 HP to 0HP Потом прийшла ШАУРАМА_НА_УГЛЯХ и забанила его на 3 дня.
  2. 1. [1488]udieeeeed 2. TDM русский на каналах 3. аим как минимум Я думаю здесь всё ясно, даже без видео...
  3. Hello! I wanted to ask for help to undo my Battlefield 4 account because my PC was turned on and my little brother got to play with hacks, so bad is that he needs it. Please, I humbly ask, I am a clean player who likes to show his true abilities and to get out of my way I will be much more careful So that it does not happen again, Thanks!
  4. What_A_Hack wh+aimbot Pycckuu CEPBEP Metro&Locker
  5. 1 : roma0120044 2 : WH Panda
  6. 1 : fareed_yemen 2 : WH 3 : Aim Bot server : panda proof
  7. A few months ago 18fuSe banned But the strange thing is that he unban and Return with Same name !!! This video proof he was record before A few month NOW he back with 18fuSe i ban him from Panda Servers FENIX what is your opinion??
  8. 1) o_0-IDC_YUONSE 2) oneshot 3) Amstel-LAN 4) 5) Раза 2-3 убивал ваншотом. Не понятно с каких углов и как вообще. Лвл низкий, К/Д в этом бою нереально высокий. После того, как я уличил его в читерстве - он покинул сервер (после не убедительных отговорок). 6) -
  9. hi all, i so angry because i get banned in amstel lan server. i nerver been use hack tool or cheating in my life. why i has banned ? give me some reasons to prove i use hack -_- . who say i'm cheating come to talk with me. just i so pro and i get banned ? MohamedAbdul Sorry for my bad english
  10. Being a quite average player in BF3, never thought I would get the hackusations going on in a server for supposed "hackkid". Throughout my career of leveling up to colonel 100, this was the first time I was assumed for hacking. If there's any way to contact the Admin for hackusations, then that would be a pleasure. Keep rocking on ZLO community and have a great new year. Best Regards, acoolrocket
  11. Name: queue17emu18d Cheat: One hit kill Server: ..::xp2::.Morocco..:[TDM] Video Hack.mp4
  12. Name: T7oxicrazyType of Hack: Hit-Kill, Wallhack.Server: |2xP| RARDCORE BRASIL CLAN RECON OPS:Sorry for low quality link ->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7yU-zRpZT8&feature=youtu.be
  13. Nickname: Brazooka2015 Nickname: teste-nobie Server: [BBS] BRAZIL BOOSTER | NOSHAHRTDM ONLY [2XP] kind of hack : ONE SHOT KILL Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWXtdXrvPjo&
  14. I install a low end patch for Battlefield 3 because of my crappy Laptop, and i got banned for hacking. If i create a new acc after 30 days (ban duration) can i use that patch or i will get banned again?
  15. - Essas desgraças estam no servido do c2k de madrugada matando geral.. matava de 1000000 de metros e dizia que era na faca ou na granada aff ridiculo NICK: 3SCROTO E -3SCROTO- hack.bmp
  16. Name: GGTrooper Type of Hack: Wallhack,Aimbot and Target Server: Hellas | FpsZ Proof:
  17. NICKNAME/IGN : poni2530 TYPEHACK : AIMBOT , ONE SHOOT KILL SERVER : [RU] VLADIVOSTOK PROOF : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtHaofhNrsU BAN HIM !!! THANKS
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