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  1. Yo tenia ese problema, la solucion? FACIL! Desinstala el juego y vuelvelo a instalar con todo y dlc's, una vez hecho eso, aplicas el crack que viene dentro de la carpeta Battlefield 3 [zlogames] que viene cuando descargas el juego, y listo! Si no entendiste algo dimelo...
  2. When i tried to validate the game, i get this error
  3. I have a shitty laptop, even on lowwest settings a get like 15 to 20 fps. After all that patch is not a hack.
  4. So, if i create a new account after the ban duration, can i play with that patch? Say yes please
  5. I downloaded from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJC3tTU5vZM
  6. I install a low end patch for Battlefield 3 because of my crappy Laptop, and i got banned for hacking. If i create a new acc after 30 days (ban duration) can i use that patch or i will get banned again?
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