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  1. Спасибо за развернутый ответ, из которого я понял следующее: 1. Данный игрок имеет основную учётную запись, которая вам хорошо известна, как и стиль его профессиональной игры. Этот игрок определенно бог в шутерах. И он точно никогда не станет подрубать читы, даже просто ради веселья. 2. Среднему игроку вроде меня с показателями убийств/смертей 1/1 не стоит обращаться на форум, так как моего лузерского опыта около 1 года не достаточно для правильной оценки игроков. 3. Также мне не стоит использовать режим наблюдателя потому что он всегда глючит и даёт искаженную информацию об игр
  2. Подскажите, дополнительные представленные пруфы внесли для вас ясность, можно узнать какое решение принято по результату рассмотрения жалобы на игрока P2KSX234LL78?
  3. Не против если буду писать по-русски? Оказывается тут много моих земляков. Так вот, я очень рад, что одним читером стало меньше. По поводу того парня о котором ты пишешь. У меня нет во чтобы то ни стало желания доказать что он читер. Я же не прокурор. Если моих доказательств было не достаточно, это значит одно. "Не пойман-не вор" и хорошо если я ошибся. А если нет рано или поздно пруфы на него представят другие пользователи. Всех благ тебе!
  4. Children's jokes are happening right now on the subway server. lol
  5. What is cheating I know, believe me, well. I also see that this player certainly didn't start playing shooters yesterday. And here it is important to understand that this is not his main account, such players use left accounts, realizing that the maximum that awaits him is a block of this particular account by voting of players for 7 days or a non-global block from a moderator on the server and it is unlikely that a proof will be posted on the forum. Such players skillfully turn off cheats when they see an observer who has entered and it becomes more difficult to catch them, but more difficult
  6. Don't shut my mouth. I didn't come to your house. We are all here to discuss dishonest players and give our arguments. I substantiated my suspicions and gave three examples of the use of AIM. What else do you want from me? Your only argument - You're a noob. All three videos are observer errors. It's not up to you to decide if I'm a noob or not. I may not be a pro, but I've been playing on the same server, on the same map every day for almost a year. Learn to treat all players with respect. If for you the discussion and evidence is rubbish - what are you doing in general in this thread?
  7. God, what the hell did I just read... Have you heard anything about assessing evidence in the aggregate? 1. There are at least three kills in the recordings where the scope is not pointed at the player at the moment of his attack. 2. The initial level of this account. 3. Very high ping 4. Huge kill/death gap, much higher than other players currently in the game with higher account level and lower ping. 5. His reaction in the chat when he was accused of using cheats, he saw both the report and the vote, but in response he only laughed and trolled. A pure player usually says: - no, I'm
  8. The player is cunning, when he sees an observer, he disables cheats. It takes a lot of patience to catch him cheating. As a result, I presented three moments of the use of cheats by the player. The decision is yours, dear forum users.
  9. 1. P2KSX234LL78 2.AIM 3.Metro Russian server 4.ping 262, lvl 9
  10. Are you sure it's a girl? Could it be a transvestite? Seriously though, no one likes cheaters. Yes, most likely this player has some experience, it can be seen from the style of the game. But tell me honestly, if, for example, I'm a player with about a year of experience in daily play, I set the cheat to high damage, can you determine that I use cheats, provided that I change my accounts so that you can't track my game for a long time? At a minimum, I personally have questions about the following facts: 1. A new account on the server where everything is already unlocked. 2. High ping (
  11. I know that he was banned by the admin on my complaint, but cheaters like him register a new account and continue to play on the server under different nicknames. By the way, his (latino-girl2022) rank is 4, that is, he is either a newbie, or he has already been banned before. I bother and spend time recording video evidence and posting it here on the forum, not because I have nothing to do, but because only Phoenix personally can solve the issue with the cheater radically. It’s just that cheaters on the Russian server who have either high damage or aim, with a ping 3 times higher than 90% of
  12. Among those who gave their votes for the ban were old players such as: (RUSO) LA_TIXA |||XxHEMOxX||| Turik Veshka ReaperxXx And I repeat, zero against
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